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“He's dirty”

~ Captain Obvious on So-And-So

So-And-So is possibly the world's most well-known person, though So-And-So has no friends and no life, the loser. Instead, everyone in the world mentions So-And-So to other people, but not to So-And-So's face.

So-And-So's gender is often disputed. Some claim So-And-So is a man, others a woman. Some people believe So-And-So is a sea monkey from Uranus, but this article is not about George W. Bush. No one knows So-And-So's gender because he/she/it never talks to anyone, the bastard/bitch/fucker.

So-And-So was born So And So, but he/she/it regretted being referred to as So So. He/She/It added hyphens to his/her/its name, so people would always refer to him/her/it as So-And-So.

A woman claiming to be so-and-so is often seen with her partners in crime, cheerleader, what's her face, and the ugly one.

Recent evidence suggests So-And-So is from There, although specifics may not be addressed.

The So And So Twins[edit]

Born in the year 1803, The So And So Twins where the first ever reported Siamese twins in the history of the not-so-enlightened era. Their parents have promised to name their unborn child "So" to a drifter who saved their lives, so in order to keep their promise they named both boys "So". The twins refer to them self as "So Right" and "So Left" (from there point-of-view), which led to some friction between the brothers as So Right would often say "I'm So Right and he's So Wrong". Eventually So Left feed up with So Right abuse and challenge him to a 10 round boxing match, in the 7th round So Left headbutt So right which render him unconscious and severely brain damage. From that day on So Left referred to his twin as "So Dumb".

Facts about So-And-So[edit]

  • So-And-So is usually a douchebag.
  • So-And-So is usually associated with ruining otherwise well-liked events.
  • So-And-So is a complete asshole who nobody likes and is often disliked even more after a participant in a conversation points out how much of a complete asshole So-And-So really is.