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Soccer AM (23 August 1778 - 3 December 2001) is Prince Charles's favourite television show. It was also the show that Plate was watching when he died. It is a long running Football show that holds the record for being the most popular television show amongst both The Smurfs and White People.

Discovery 'Mario Style'[edit]

Soccer AM was discovered on August 23rd 1778 by Italian scientist Mario. He was searching for his kidnapped friend Bob the Builder when he found Princess Peach crying on a toadstool. He cleverly collected the tears and extracted chemicals such as vinegar, honey, n00b and 'Taco Loo Roll'. This left a solution called Darth Hitler Chloride. Over a period of 20 seconds the solution formed into a popular television show. Mario made a massive fortune from his discovery but all was not well, Mario returned home to find his long time friend Bob the Builder having an affair with his wife Tinkerbell.

Early Days[edit]

The first episode of the show was titled 'Grand Theft Auto: Sunnyvale Trailer Park' and was aired on September 3rd 1778 on ITV. The show was presented by supermodel Rodney King and ex-Manchester Red Sox Ltd. footballer Queen Victoria. It was really popular and every person in the world tuned into the first episode. Over the following century the show went from stregnth to stregnth. It started to attract big name guests such as the Power Rangers, Scally Santa, William Shatner, God and Eric Theodore Cartman. The show was so popular that Rodney King was given a knighthood and show producer Papa Smurf was made permanent King of Swindon. The show introduced much loved features such as 'Kick the ball at the Jew', 'Score that Gypsy', 'Retard Shootout', 'Hillary Clinton's wonder goals' and the much loved 'Oscar Wilde's Golden Balls'.

Glory Days[edit]

Soccer AM hit the big time at the start of the 19th century largely due to the internet and new recording equipment such as the horn, camera and the multi-million pound bible. It was reported by The Daily Telegraph that every living organism ranging from the Ku Klux Klan to the Rat had watched Soccer AM at one time in their life. Guests continued to appear on the show and the features were as popular as ever. Queen Victoria's links to Prince Harry introduced Prince Charles to the setup. He was a huge fan, often missing important meetings with American president Megazord, just to watch the show. The show made over £3.50 ($6.94USD) a day and in September 1802 it was revealed that a third presenter was to be joining the show. The presenter would be chosen by viewers in a phone-in vote. The 10 finalists were: Oscar Wilde, Your mom, Uncle Ben, Aunt Jemima, Abraham Lincoln, Karl Rove, Dog, Scooby Doo, Prince Harry and Courtney Love. The final was between Your mom, Courtney Love and overwhelming favourite Prince Harry. Courtney Love was the eventual winner, but 6 weeks after the result was announced she died of being pwned by a Weasel pissing on her. Runner-Up Prince Harry was later announced as the third preseter.