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A group of typical soccer moms

Soccer Moms are evil, succubus consumer-demons whose primary function is to force their children into participating in mundane and meaningless yuppie activities. They do this in order to free their time to consume worthless plastic shit and write letters to Hillary Clinton about how bare boobies, foul language and video games should be banned, and how naughty things in the media should be censored so the government can do their parenting for them (at even a shittier quality than they do).

Outside of those with brains and/or souls, the greatest group who suffer being in the presence of the soccer moms is their husbands. After years of nagging and mundane, useless bullshit... the husband of a soccer mom slowly has his soul chipped away... until only remaining as a shell of someone who used to know what it is like to feel.

Your average soccer mom is usually at home being a housewife or at work as a Dilbertesque middle-manager with no hope for advancement. Neither type has any escape from their drab suburban lifestyle and pathetic middle class dreams (or desire to), which consist mostly of owning a larger 4WD.

As drivers they enjoy to partake in tailgating speeders and running them over for going too slow, failing to signal for turns and lane changes, drinking Campbell's Soup at Hand, and running red lights. They also spend most of their commutes almost causing accidents because they're too busy yapping to the girlfriends on their cellphones about the poolboy they're banging while they're husband is at work, instead of paying attention to the road.

thumb|You'r average soccer mum after her children lost

Despite the name "soccer moms," most actually despise the sport (and their children) and only attend their children's games to socialize with other soccer moms and pretend like they have any use breathing.

Soccer moms are horny and like to take it up the ass. They give great blowjobs.


Soccer mom after tanning
A typical soccer mom (botox shots included) tries to hide the fact happiness is killing her.

Soccer moms can vary in facial attractiveness, however all their bodies share the same characteristics with the exception of the obese one with short hair that no one likes. Although soccer moms are more concerned about their health and fitness, none of them possess any physical dexterity whatsoever, they have slim builds, but saggy breasts, flabby arms, flabby thighs, flabby belly and a really thin neck where the bones are exposed whenever they breath or talk. They are usually tanned and if you are lucky you can spot them tanning next door.

Soccer moms are extremely self conscious about their appearance and if seen in a bikini they usually cover up and give you a really dirty look if you stare at them for too long.

Examples of soccer moms[edit]

A typical soccer mom with a gun

History of the Sisterhood[edit]

Typical Soccer Moms

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Soccer moms are actually a cult, whose fundamental beliefs are:

I) When choosing from three pairs of shoes, buy all three, matching hats, and 2 extra pairs of shoes.
II) Always complain about having to drive your minivan.
III) Complain about the "stresses" of being a pampered soccer mom, but act snobby in public about being a soccer mom.
IV) Men are wrong. Women are right. When men think they are wrong, they are wrong. Men are only right when they admit that women are right, and even then they are wrong because they are right and men are not right and therefore can only be wrong when women are right which is always. Paradox! Please help!
V) Not only are men inherently wrong but any form of masturbation by a man is also wrong. If a man is masturbating anywhere in the immediate vicinity of a member of the Soccer Moms, she will know instantly through her sixth sense, even if he is behind a locked door ... or in a closet somewhere.
VI) Have a child every two years and let them be raised by your phillipino nannies.
VII) Buy a golden retriever

The sisterhood was founded in 1824 by Joan Rivers, Debra from Everybody Loves Raymond, Marge Simpson and other obnoxious women.

One hero of the sisterhood is the mother from the Brady Bunch, who secretly murdered that sexist guy Don Imus. She worships Oprah at the altar of the mother goddess of success.

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