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Angry Russian Doll Monster (Brezhnev's feared People's Commissar for Fashion Tips and Unreasonable Censorship) was known to suffer from SOHFS

Sense Of Humour Failure Syndrome (SOHFS) is a chronic disorder of the brain which has been linked to both exposure to communism and being American. Until recently, the true number of SOHFS-sufferers was dramatically under-estimated. This may be due to the stigma attached to having no sense of humour or because so many psychologists suffer from the disease or, as Timothy Leary has recently suggested, because they were too high on their own prescription drugs to actually do any work (Funky Boodah has long been considered good therapy for being a yuppie).


Up until the early '70s, SOHFS went mainly unnoticed as most schools of psychiatrics, headology and trepaning believed it was either "not a real disease" or "a joke". However, a team of Soviet scientists led by Dr. Nikita Jerkev found that the most humourless individuals in Russian politics (particularly Leonid Brezhnev, Rosa Klebb and Angry Russian Doll Monster) often had severe deficiency of a naturally occurring opiate known as Slapstine.

The cause of this deficiency went undiscovered for several years until a breakthrough was made by Elmo Pinkstein, a behavioural psychologist at Oxford University who observed that all but a select few Russians (See Yakov Smirnoff) did not understand the concept of humour. Noticing similar trends among many other Soviet nations, Pinkstein postulated that Slapstine Deficiency, and therefore SOHFS, was caused by continuous exposure to communism. When informed of this, Jerkev replied with a derisive "What a load of imperialist nonsense, in Russia we have much entertainment. I myself recently laughed at the site of radical free-thinkers being executed.". Despite this retort, the so-called Pinkstein Theory of SOHFS has become consensus opinion among many experts.

Controversy, however, was caused among the growing numbers of SOHFS-researchers when the noted genius, Professor (and, if the rumours are true, royal male-mistress), Donald Trefusis pointed out that not only Russians but Americans too have no sense of humour. The controversy was largely a result of Americans not realising that this was intended as a joke and throwing hissy fits

Today, many researchers are dedicated to finding a cure for SOHFS. So far, tests have been inconclusive and while a wide variety of methods have been tried, not a single lab-rat has laughed at an intelligent joke.

The Cuba Problem[edit]

The Cuba Problem is a seemingly irreparable hole in the SOHFS-From-Communism theory. Psychologist Gringo Starr noticed that although they're all dirty commies, Cubans seem to have a pretty good sense of humour.

Russell Crowe[edit]

Russell Crowe is the most famous Australian SOHFS-sufferer. During tests, he was told the popular "white people in Slough" joke; he didn't get it. Later on, he was told the famous "white people in Compton joke; he didn't get it. Finally, he was told the one about Chlamydia. He got it.

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