Some Unknown Facts

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Wikipedia doesn't have a proper article about Some Unknown Facts. It really wouldn't help those so-called experts by writing one either.

Over the history of mankind, many many facts have been known to the human race. Acording to Worldwide Fact Keeping Asociation the total number of known facts is 34,3452,456 but, as everyone knows, that asociation has no credibility whatsoever.

Amazingly, there are still some facts that remain unknown. WFKA estimates that there are 3, and has proven that there are definitely no more than 7. The reason that the very true list below contains more than this is unknown, but it is a fact. That means there's only 6 left.

Disregard the nonsense that used to be here about unknown facts being listed. No one knows why that person wrote that, leaving only 5.

Uknown Fact List[edit]

  • Cats speak their very own languaje, wich is very similar to Cantonese, that is why cats avoid going to China when possible.
  • The Incredibly Smelly Finn fish was genetically engeniered in 1961 by the Ruanda Fishing and Tourism Department to reduce the russian fishermen inmigration.
  • The square root of infinity is 11,45345667543434432235364.
  • In certain parts of Beirut, grownups believe in Santa Claus, and the children buy the presents on Christmas.
  • Speaking on cellphones can give you brain cancer, but also increases the size of your penis remarkably.
  • The sport Wallaball was never invented.
  • There are many unknown facts that are unknown by many unknown people.
  • There are things that are very close to the kind of thing that is very close to be one of those things.
  • Apples are not fruits, they are malicious extraterrestrial beings.