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This is some other guy. (not Some Other Guy)

“That's not him, it's some other guy.”

~ Oscar Wilde on Some Other Guy

“Some Other Guy, you are.”

~ Yoda on Some Other Guy

Some Other Guy is an Australian-born nerd, best known for not being this guy, and for not having sex with your mom. The fact that Some Other Guy is only known for qualities he doesn't possess has inspired multiple scientific studies, mostly by other nerds, aiming to find out what it actually is about Some Other Guy that differentiates him from every other other guy.

It has been suggested that there is in fact nothing that differentiates Some Other Guy from every other other guy, and that it would be equally valid for any other guy to be Some Other Guy, as long as everyone agreed on which guy was Some Other Guy. Of course, mistaking some other guy for Some Other Guy would have embarrassing consequences for all involved.

Philosophical debate on the subject of Some Other Guy's identity was reignited in 2006 after Yoda proposed the controversial hypothesis that you are Some Other Guy.