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Alas, poor Sonnet.
Alas, one would think this article would have imagery of Ewa Sonnet, lest ye be incorrect.
Those obsessed with so-called experts should thank their lucky stars that Wikipedia does not have an article about Sonnet the Hedgehog.

There was a flagship hedgehog known as Sonnet. The hedgehog served as Shakespeare's faithful mascot. His sonnet cameos are forty-five, as well as many video game debuts. For many years, Sophia and this hedgehog competed head-to-head in bitter feuding. The feud resolved itself in time, of course, when William Shakespeare joined Sophiaism.


Sonnet was an early example of the "unusual poetry-loving animal starring in a platform game" character archetype that was later seen in characters such as Crash Bandhaiku and Tanklonoa.

Early on, Sonnet was a terrible writer. His skills gradually improved over the course of many games.

Nobody knows why he's blue. Could be, he's depressed. Keep him away from Keeley Hazell's boobs.


Sonnet is best known for his ability to write in iambic pentameter. However, he also has the ability to perform a "Super Edit-Out," allowing him to quickly remove passages that just plain aren't working.

In Sonnet Adventure, Sonnet gained several new abilities, including but not limited to:

  • Homing Pencil, allowing him to propel himself towards the nearest piece of paper while jumping
  • Write Dash, allowing him to write at light speed
  • Blue Tornado, which mainly just scatters everything around the room and isn't very useful

In Sonnet Adventure 2 he is also seen using his writing ability to rewrite the plot of the universe, allowing him to create useful plotholes.


Sonnet was conceived when Shakespeare and some hedgehog girl got drunk. Honestly, what did you expect?


Sonnet has two siblings: Haiku and Tanka. He also thinks of Epic as his little brother, but this is incorrect. Epic is his much, much, much larger brother.

Rumor has it that he is the messiah of the famous hedgehog God, Sonic the Hedgehog.


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