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“I'll rim your grandparents for one of these... Naahh, I'll do it for free”

~ King Hummus

The American version of the 0 Sophia bill. Nobody uses it, but many do frame it and include it in Birthday cards.

“This system is the greatest currency system I've ever seen!”

~ Allen Greenspan on Sophia Dollars

Sophia Dollars, or Sophias, (symbol: ☺$) are the national currency of Uncyclopedia.


Uncyclopedia's founder was up on a hill one day staring at the city of Uncyclopedia. It was a thriving community, and the founder asked himself "This place... it's missing something. But what?" And so he thought, and mused, and puzzled about it for three days, and finally realised: There weren't any bosses yelling at employees in the city, nor banks being robbed, nor nuns getting killed for money! But the thing that brought this to the founder's attention was that no one had to pay for all the work he did for humanity! The injustice! So the founder decided to make some kind of money for people to fight over.

How It Works[edit]

THIS, however, is used frequently.

Okay, so here's how the Sophias work, in handy step-by-step instructions:

  1. First, you need to pray to the person on the face of the dollar bill. Otherwise, the almighty goddess of Uncyclopedia In-Jokes will huff you. So say your prayers.
  2. After praying, do some work around Uncyclopedia. Lots of work. HARD work.
  3. Next, tell the person on the bill that you did work around Uncyclopedia. If you can't, proceed to tell someone else.
When you spend Sophias, you usually get some change back.
  1. Now, hope that fortune smiles on you and you get a couple of blow-jobs for your effort. If not, try again.

If you manage to earn some money, good for you!

Now give it back.

Current UnDollar Bills[edit]

Now available in an UnBank near you!

Worth 0 Sophias

Mr. T pities the foo' who tries to give change for this. Worth π Sophias

Worth 10,000 Sophias

Worth 1,000,000 Sophias

Highest denomination- enough to buy the Philippines! Worth 1,000,000,000,000 Sophias

Ten trillion dollars-whoops, that's Zimbabwe!

Worth 1,000 Sophias

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