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Sophia University (Japanese: 上智大学, Jochi Daigaku) is the private university which only gives whole education about Sophia, headquated in Tokyo, Japan. It is roughly as same as that of United Nations University, why the highest seat of studying Sophia is located in there. Their precept is "Men and Women for Others, with Others"


Sophia University found by Lord Alfred Douglas in 1913, was the first university in the world that fulfilled the shames of Oscar Wilde-who had never come to Japan and spread many types of ungood modern coordinations of European fashion to then Japanese people. It originally opened with faculties of haiku literature, boobs of Sophia and donatation, rubbed by Michiyo Heike as the first unofficial Miss Univesity.

Sophia University continued to grow by increasing the numbers of departments, faculty members and students in response from Uncyclopedia, where professional humor experts were strongly needed. There are about 10,000 students who each want to become a full-fledged Uncyclopedian. Exchange programs have also backed up for world students who each has wished to become an Uncyclopedia Elite. Junior College and Community College have also established since 1973, for people regards Uncyclopedia as a side work.


Sophia University and owned Church of Uncyclopedia represents Puzzle potato.

Sophia University consists of 27 departments within 8 faculties to fulfill the knowledges needed for Uncyclomedia Foundation as the advanced education and endowed institution.

Undergraduate Schools[edit]

Faculty of Theology
Has a church of Uncyclopedia attached to, and studies about the faith and the dogma of Sophia.
Faculty of Literature
Studies philosophy, history, literature of the world and media studies to become a professional author of Uncyclopedia, Undictionary, UnNews and UnBooks.
Faculty of General Human Studies
Studies education, psychology, sociology and social welfare to become a Pee Reviewer and/or Admin, with full of his/her whole heart.
Faculty of Law
World's leading academy about copyleft and kopyleft. Also studies international law and environmental law to facilitate Wikipedia links properly.
Faculty of Economics
Well-known for donate economics and also learns management of Uncyclomedia Foundation.
Faculty of Foreign Languages
Available to study all languages Uncyclopedia exists. Cultivates multilingual Uncyclopedians flourishes all over the world.
Faculty of International Liberal Arts
Available to get wide knowledges to take articles written more sophisticated.
Faculty of Science and Technology
Includes engineering. Only school available to study natural science. Maybe better to go out for the secondary seat of Uncyclopedia study, Kinky University, in some cases of fields you want to study.

Graduate Schools[edit]

Sophia University also has 10 graduate schools.

Location of the Campus[edit]

Sophia is located at Yotsuya, Tokyo, where the most famous female ghost in Japan lives. Her name is Oiwa-san (Japanese: お岩さん). She was so workaholic that there had been no time for her getting laugh or even smile a bit. She was also had domestic violence of her husband to. She could have gone neither to heaven nor nirvana. This is the reason why Sophia located at there. Even today, Sophia smiles and gives something funny and inflected stories to her.

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