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Soul Calibur is an extensive historical document recording the events of 16th century Europe and Asia. Much to many historians’ surprise, 16th century Europe and Asia consisted of samurais and girls in spandex. It chronicles the events surrounding a mystical weapon known to the properly educated as the Soul Edge and to the common man as that kick-ass giant sword with an eyeball in it. Many characters want the sword, despite the fact that they don’t know how to use it. Sigmund Freud probably has something to say about that, but he’s too busy fending off bad guys with a giant ax.

The English translation of Soul Calibur roughly amounts to: "Epic Side-Boob".

Characters of Soul Calibur[edit]

NOTE: They would have put in kratos but they became lazy and said that the gamers would just find a way to make him on character creation or something...Man, that shit sucks.

Xianghua (pronounced "bob") is a member of Cirque Du Soliel that has accidentally killed a number of other cast members with her "Sword-ka-bob" trick. This has actually made the circus more successful and her popularity caused her to be invited to participate the events outlined here...just kidding!

Kilik is the name of an extension of the male psyche that must poke everything that moves in the ass with a long, cylindrical object. Given the nature of the females (and some of the males) in Soul Calibur, this is understandable... Sorta.

Maxi was born in New Jersey, doubled for John Travolta in Grease, and eventually became a successful Elvis impersonator in Las Vegas. Rolling Stone calls Maxi one of the Greatset Elvis Impersonators Of All Time. (All though He does'nt know who the fuck Elvis is,anyway.) Even though he cannot play the guitar but He can certainly bash the shit out of everbody over the head with his nunchucks. The chicks dig it. Also the name of pads used to block....things. Maxi is also known as a homosexual...which he had sex with Kilik, recently.

Astaroth (pronounced “big bob”) is a bright and cheerful seven year-old in Mrs. Puff’s Kindergarten Class (he was held back a year because of problems "adjusting" to not putting his ax in his classmates heads.) He likes drawing puppies and reading Dr. Seuss books, but does not like nappy time. Appeared in the Clock Tower 3 game, as Sledgehammer.

Unknown to many, Taki was also, in fact, the inventor of camel toe.

Taki is a Cow, and a ninja demon hunter and the inventor of spandex. Her use in the game was to prove that when a large pair of unsupported breasts are allowed to jiggle freely, women will squirm as much as men do when they view another guy getting hit in the crotch. Seriously, how does she fight demons without a sports bra? She’s going to be seriously droopy before she reaches 35 if she’s not careful. She could benefic the world if she just took it all off and let them babies SHWANNNGG!

Giles Redferne (pronounced "What a fuckin' hunk." or "Ivy/Belmont-fighter wannabe who just wants to fuck up the evil Warlock from the 17th century and ended up in a sword-fighting video game.) That one faggot with the fur coat and the outfit and the whips and a stupid-ass witch compass. He injected something in his hot body and ass to make 'em bigger and hotter as time passes. Because of his moveset, he is able to defy logic, as he, despite being 32,(Or 342 in the 21st century, who the fuck gives a shit, anyway.) would logicly be too old to be a Ivy fighter, 'cus acording to his backstory, he was... fuck I dunno, made when Soul Edge wondered what it'd be like to rape some woman. Or maybe the writers were on crack, and decided this roughly the same time they decided on his cock size and character design.

Yoshimitsue does some cool stuff with a ninja sword. but was sued by Nintendo for being a nother video game character with "Yoshi" in or as a name. he was sentence to death. Not to be confused with the Yoshimitsu of Tekken games. Certain rumours suggest that Yoshimitsu may indeed be Soulja Boy due to his tendency to scream "Yahh" during fights.

That Other Sword Guy does the same cool stuff, but may also be a homosexual. All we know is that he is young, and a son of someone.

Voldo was made to appeal purely to the "pale Italian men in gimp gear" demographic that currently accounts for a whopping .00000000051% of the gaming population. Even they, however deviant, are at least thankful that Voldo gets a bikini wax before each chapter of the epic saga, according to Namco’s long lost Soul Calibur Apocrypha.In between SCIII and SCIIII he wrote the children books where's Voldo which hit number 1 at postie +

Here, the Father of Our Country prepeares to fight the British in a darling bustier and thigh-high boots.

George Washington is a playable character, despite the fact he was not born for another 150 years, and alternates between being a respectable first president of the United States, and a leather-clad dominatrix with a nice rack. (This is also the real reason he won at Valley Forge). In Soul Calibur 3, he was replaced with Pat Benetar for licensing reasons.

Cervantes is a pirate fighting for rights, since he is far outnumbered by ninjas in this game. His organization, ARRR (Ancient Reclusive Renegade Robbers) seeks equal rights in gaming for pirates, as their numbers are becoming rarer and rarer in video games due to a proliferation of ninjas. He hates Taki in particular, but always loses to her because he ends up staring at her hypnotic boobs. Cervantes wins against the ninjas anyway because he's a freakin undead pirate with two huge-ass swords! As a curious fact he started his life as a writer ("El ingenioso Hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha" is his masterpiece) and his first name was Miguel.

Raphael is a flamboyant French born, Italian named, Spanish dancing, British, rapier-welder. He has proven to be extremely popular with players because every time another character comes near him, he uses his super-secret, game ending move in which he drops his sword, and starts flamenco dancing. Not only does this look pretty, it causes all of his opponents to instantly drop their weapons, stand there and clap whilst he walks up to them and stabs them in the face.

Tira is new to the game, introduced in Soul Calibur 3. Her weapon is a hula hoop. At one time, Tira was a famous gymnast bound for the Olympics, but when she found out the original Olympics stopped in 340 BC and would not start up again until the 1890’s, she decided to inflict pain on others instead, making her history’s first Tonya Harding. She now serves Nightmare as his personal sex slave. Her voice is a top secret experiment designed by the designers at Namco to see if they can find a Japanese voice actress who speaks with a high enough pitch to make dogs cry out in pain. They are close, if results from Tira are any indication.

Although it's not well known, Michael Jackson is indeed a secret character in Soul Calibur, as he's shown here, about to fight his former self.

Yun-Seong is the great-great-great-great-great (Say "great" rapidly for 20 minutes) grandfather of Hwoarang. In fact, he's also an ancestor of Spongebob Squarepants and Timmy Turner. Timmy Turner is the wielder of the Soul Edge, while his illegitimate brother Danny Phantom owns the Soul Calibur . One day, he battles against Gizzardman. Sadly, he loses and Soul Edge is broken into pieces. After this his wife, Spongemary gave birth to Yun-Seong who became the father of Spongebob who then became the father of Hwoarang who Was the father of Dumbledore who had a friend named Robert Langdon who had a wife named Setsuka who also appeared in Soul Calibur 3 where she met her Son Gokou, her second wife who gave birth to George Washington who is also a Soul Calibur character.

Seong Mi-na She was once governor of Korea, but was diposed because she spoons too much. Fights with a big-ass spear. Also, is one of the only characters that You can see wearing panties. Currently: Sailor Venus.

Sophitia, a follower of Hephestius who was chosen to fight and vanquished Cervantes in the first game. In spite of a curse which forces her clothing to perpetually shrink, she continues her quest for freedom and peace.

Cassandra the younger sister of Sophitia who is only on the quest because Sophitia's mom totally made her take her.

Mitsurugi (pronounced "Awesome samurai with a katana that can open a can of whoop ass on you that you know has to appear in every single game in the world just because samurais are cool and only lose to ninjas cause they are assholes with no life and godspeed and other powers.) is a samurai. A samurai was a Japanese version of a knight. A knight rode on a horse and a horse has a saddle. A saddle is a weapon used by samurai warriors during the 16th century. One of these samurai was Mitsurugi. After failing to acquire the Soul Edge on multiple occasions due to an endless parade of effeminate men and teenage girls who somehow outclassed him, he became a prosecutor, thus dooming his soul to a hell more furious than the Soul Edge ever would have.

Nightmare a badass mother fucker with a fuckin bigass sword with a giant eye, the Antagonist of the series and the twin brother of Siegfried. during the events inbetween SC2 and SC3 Nightmare had become emo with the separation from Siegfried. Nightmare became so Emotional that for four years he went on a killing spree in Europe in atemped to find Siegfried and reunite with him. Unfortunately, he found Ronnie Everett instead and he teamed up with him after September 11th, 2001.

Siegfried (pronounced "Sick Freak" or "Cloud Strife-wanabe" for Europeans and Blacks) The protagonist of the series. Despite kicking Nightmare's, Raphael's, Cervantes' and just about every other character in the game's ass(es), he is never able to successfully destroy Soul Edge. This is obviously because every time he's about to destroy Soul Edge the horde of Soul Calibur fangirls maul him (Because he says one of his angsty lines) and he somehow screws up. Nice job, asswipe.

Rock (Pronounced "Cocaine") Big guy who carries around a giant axe. He is the person who Astaroth is based off but somewhere, the guys making Astaroth went wrong and turned him into a giant red muscular dude. Anyway, Rock got his precious axe destroyed while fighting a lizardman. He adopted a Native American 13 year old boy for unknown resons but some people think he's actually a child molester. Rock is frequently seen with a tub of ice cream, which was finally explained in his Soul Calibur III ending sequence in which he makes a milkshake.

Algol A bird that is a new character in SC4 who wields the two swords that are polar opposites of each other, much like how Gill's body was split in half to accommodate balance. He one of the two characters in SC4 that is 'God Tier', therefore bringing the world ever closer to Global Warming. Or not. Algol is also looking for both Ronnie and Ana to give him back the swords or else. When will Namco learn NOT to obliterate the world a thousand times?


Setsuka (Pronounced "Geisha Ho from the Blue Light District at K-Mart") Geisha from K-Mart who fights with an Umbrella with a blade hidden in its handle. She stole the idea from Mary Poppins and sliced her up into pieces because she's just that badass. Once was a prostitute named Anna Kournikova. And no, she's not Hone Onna. Was given blonde hair in Soul Calibur IV because the developers have no brain matter left. Did I mention she is one of the best characters because if you pay her, she will sleep with you? No? Well I just did.

Amy (Pronounced "Raphael's Bitch") Possessed girl who doesn't say anything. She fights with some sort of weapon that nobody can pronounce. Once the student of Darth Sidious, she can kill you just by looking at her. Killed Shirley Temple out of rage that she was bat-shit insane and was shredded to pieces by Omayra Lee Lugo who is a ten-time fencer champion from the Bronx and who now posesses Amy's weapon. She also made Raphael gay for a brief time. It is believed she is a Pokemon because the only thing she can say is her own name.

Zasalamel (Pronounced Sam Jackson) Token black man of the series. He is known for his BIG MUTHA FUCKIN SCYTHE and also was the original character in Assassin's Creed. He is an aspiring rap artist who needs to become a freaky double mouth guy to sing those tough parts.

Charade (Pronounced "Son Of Da Soul Swordz who acts like a fuckin' pussy!") A one-eyed faggot obsessed with raping everything in existence but has no dick or weapons, so he just cries and eats ice cream, he would if he could, but he doesn't have a mouth. Not only that but he begs his parents' Mama Calibur and Papa Edge to give him sum KANDY and KOOKIES. Ha! What a fuckin' pussy.

Hilde (pronounced "Held slave") A biologically engineered clone of Joan of Arc. Whether her opponents like getting cut short or long, she will fuck them up. She currently has a grudge on the Middle East because their religious groups tried to possess her people with Islamic theories, in which her hometown detests so much, going back to the crusade wars. She hopes to find Osama Bin Laden and stab him in the heart.

Necrid Some big fat green blob who is universally hated by Soul Calibur fans. No one knows why. Some speculate that it's because he ate Yoda's mom and inherited some of her green-ness. He pulls weapons out of his ass, which is conveniently located on his stomach. Because of his grotesque nature he was chased out of the Soul Calibur world by a pitchfork wielding Astaroth, who felt that there was only one available spot on SC's roster for an big-ass ugly freak. Thankfully, Astaroth was successful in this pursuit and Necrid has not been seen since.

Shehezerade She created the story of Aladdin. Unfortunately, she gets Amy's moveset. In this game she is a stupid annoying generic squeaky voiced elf whore from the Shire. She leaves the forest because she can't fit through the doors of any of the Hobbit Houses. While on her quest to do something she defeated somebody. Her story ends with her making up some bullshit and telling it to her bastard children. Yeah...

Asslotte She is a Barbie Lolita doll. She gets Astaroth's moveset. Asslotte Maedel was created by Dr Evil for use in his experiments. However she escaped and decided to be like the other humans. She encountered Talim, who defeated her with the power of Wind. Ashlotte's story ends with her deactivating and reactivating, deactivating and reactivating, deactivating and reactivating, deactivating and reactivating, Blah, blah, blah, blah...BLAH.

Al Gore Fear She is a part time stripper that came from another planet. She also has anime eyes you can't buy anywhere else. Angol gets Seung Mina's moveset. She is not Algol, for those who were wondering. She had an encounter with some man, whom we know nothing about. Ivy went after her to kill her when she found out Angol tried to copy the "Bathing Suit" look. I hear she's good with a pole. (bow chika bowow)

Shura She is a ghost woman from Japan who has a nice black thong. She gets Cervantes moveset. Shura wants to be the best killer in the world. She has many spirits inside her ass. She was once a spirit who roamed through out Japan, screaming like a banshee. She meets Algol, and they have hot makeout sex. Shura's story ends with her getting pregnant and having a baby. However, she kills the baby and everyone else in the hospital. She is now considered the most notorious serial killer in the state of New Jersey.

Kamikirimusi She is an annoying girl from Japan who wants some friends. Kamika-whateverherdamnnameis gets Nightmare's moveset. She is one of the most confusing characters in the game. Gamers wonder why the hell she gets Nightmare's moveset. Nobody knows why though. Kami-ighueihugieghiouseiokfjsodgs's story ends with her finding some friends and disappearing. I hear she ended up as a criminal on Unsolved Mysteries and America's Most Wanted though.

Bauer A typical match while using Bauer or fighting against Bauer goes as follows: Bauer typically yelling, "Drop the damn weapon, put your hands on your head where I can see them!!!" Followed by by 7 to 15 gun shots (depending on the weapon the player has equipped Bauer with), at which point the match ends immediately with a victory credited towards America. The character Myers had to be removed because Bauer could not be restrained from shooting Myers at the character select screen.

Lizardmen A group horrendous offspring of Sophitia Alexandra (even though in the game they say some crap that doesn't fit the actual facts). The most famous, Aeon Calcos, enjoys crack smoking as much as showing his cunnilingual abilities after he defeats a chick. He has never used underwear but for some reason the ESRB (and other important censorship agencies) haven't complained about it.

Collossus: (Pronounced OVER 9000% Bob) THE SUPER STRONGEST BOB IN THE SERIES!!!

The "plot" of Soul Calibur[edit]

"Transcending history and the world... A tales of souls and swords eternally.... whatever! It's not like you're going to listen to me anyway because all you want to do is press start and skip me so you can play your precious game. It hurts my feelings man knowing that i've put in all of my effort in narrating the video and you all skip it and never thank me for it! Well that's it, I've had enough of this shit! And I QUIT! So narrate your own fucking stupid story. "

~ The Intro of Soul Calibur

In the beginning, God created the heavens and earth.

Then for some reason, he made a "good" sword and a "bad" sword. Then he realized that he had no one to use them, as he short-sightedly did not design any animals with opposable thumbs.

So he created humans, gave them the weapons and sat back and laughed as they beat the crap out of each other. After a while he got bored and decided to plant dinosaur bones in the ground to confuse the hell out of the humans.

But we digress.

The tale truly begins with the pirate Cervantes, who found the sword in a box of Cracker Jacks. He soon discovered it was waaay better than a decoder ring. So he pillaged and looted pretty much unopposed and made a bunch of other people fight over the sword.

Then a buttery young Greek girl named Sophitia beat him up and broke his sword. Cervantes was so embarrassed he pretty much curled up and died right there.

A studly young Aryan named Siegfried Endroy then found the sword and turned into a fierce evil warrior named Knightrider. With his whimsical talking car, he drove around Europe whacking the hell out of peasants. This made a bunch of people fight over the sword again.

This time a young lady name Raphael came and fought against Siegfried. Since Raphael had been spending too much time molesting little girls he wasn't a very good swordsman but before he died he screamed "OW" and began singing "Thriller" this confused Siegfried, and Raphael then used this distraction and thrust Soul Edge in its eye, thus defeating it once again.

Siegfried then noticed the growing fandom for whiney little emo bitches and he decided he would have more fun doing that then being beaten by little girls (this way he could be "BEATEN" by the little girls instead). So he destroyed the sword and somehow became human while doing that, apparently the crazy mutation was all just his halloween costume.

Then, Soul Edge decided to hell with that and just wielded himself. If those little pansies couldn’t handle all of that firepower, he would take care of things on his own... With the help of a kid from the South Bronx named Ronnie Everett aka Bubba. (I don't know why.)

And Soul Calibur also decided to hell with that as well and she too wielded herself. If the whole world is gonna be saved, she'll have to save all of them fucking pansies on her own, too... With the help of another kid from the South Bronx named Ana Victoria Seise aka Spriggangirl. (I don't know why, either.)

The final story has yet to be decided but you can bet it’s going to end with a girl or very effeminate man breaking the Soul Edge. Or Soul Calibur. The people who will inevitably fight over it may seriously want to quit while they’re ahead and just invest in a good set of steak knives.

Which reminds me-- you may all think, "Hey, why didn't you include Soul Calibur IV in this?" Our answer? ...Well-- you fucking consider that a story? I mean-- the only thing of importance in that was Siegfried gets shiny.

Soul Calibur IV[edit]

Announced June 12, 2007, Soul Calibur IV is rumored to have only one playable character, a dominatrix named Isabella "Ivy" Valentine who is rumored to be somehow related to George Washington. Not being satisfied with being only top tier in Soul Calibur I - III, she developed a new tier for her, and her alone - God Tier, resulting in her ability to win against every opponent through abusive usage of "God Whisper" and obtrusive cleavage.

If two Ivys were to be pitted against each other, the universe would consequently explode, similarly to dividing by zero, thus rendering Soul Calibur IV the first game to be classified as weapon of mass destruction.

Darth Vader is revealed to be Mitsurugi's father in this game.

Volumes of Soul Calibur[edit]

For unknown reasons the Todd McFarlane-designed "crotchless" Voldo costume never made it into the final version of Soul Calibur III.
  • Soul Edge: The Phantom Menace
  • Soul Calibur I: The Trade of Spandex in the 1600's
  • Soul Calibur II: A History by Todd McFarlane
  • Soul Calibur III: Crap, We’re Running Out of Weapons That Are Not Just Different Kinds of Swords
  • Soul Calibur III.5: A Chance to Play Soul Calibur Next To Sweaty Fanboys Again
  • Soul Caliber: A violent shoot-'em-up featuring your favorite scantily-clad Soul Calibur Girls as a brutal Counter-Terrorist commando team fighting against Islamic Radicals deep within the forests of Latvia. Rated M for Mature (USA), E for Everyone (Europe)
  • Soul Caliber .50BMG: Cassandra, the cold nerved sniper of the previous Soul Caliber title, takes down the Canadian Government one explosive headshot at a time, after a betrayal that leaves the rest of her commando team dead or missing. Rated AO for Adults Only (USA)
  • .50 Calibur: Nintendo Wii version of the previous two Soul Caliber titles featuring side schooling, kid friendly action. Rated F for FUBAR (USA, Argentina)
  • Soul Calibur IV: We Were Short On New Characters, So We Threw Darth Vader In
  • Soul Calibur V: There Are Continents Other Than Europe and Asia?
  • Soul Combat 5, The Unsung Sword: Basically Soul Calibur in Fighter Jets
  • Soul Calibur VI and the Half-Blood Prince
  • Soul Calibur VII: Final Fantasy: The Fellowship of the Ring (Subtitle later dropped due to lawsuit)
  • Soul Calibur VIII: This is Exactly the Same as Number 2 except with Chuck Norris
  • Soul Calibur VIII.23412456621.985: This was a Time Waster to Make While Most Fans are Waiting for the Actual Number 9
  • Soul Calibur IX: Are These Games Ever Going to Stop?
  • Soul Calibur X: The Wind Waker(aka Lets Hope This is the Last One)
  • Soul Calibur XI: Online
  • Soul Calibur XII: ... I'm quite sure the characters are what? 90, by now?
  • Soul Calibur XIII: Maybe they'll throw in some characters from Black Metal Euronymous
  • Soul Calibur XIV: Fighting Hoboes
  • Soul Calibur XV: There are Officially No More Souls Guys...
  • Soul Calibur XVI: ...You're joking, right?

Soul Calibur XVII: We're out of ideas so we threw in Super Smash Bros characters with lightsabers.

  • Lifeless Body Calibur I: The Revenge of the Zombies (you play as the only non-zombie)
  • Lifeless Body Calibur II: OMFG THE ZOMBIES HAVE GUNS!!!
  • Corpse Calibur I (all your favorite corpses including the one that got gun-raped in the last one)
  • Corpse Calibur II: Even More Money Squeezed From Your Wallet (The dead bodies cannot be controlled by the player and in fact, just lie there.)
  • Corpse Calibur III: Let's battle! Oh, yeah forgot... the characters died 2000 years ago and some were hoboes and some were whores!
  • Corpse Calibur IV: Undead Kilik fucks Undead Maxi.
  • Alive Again Calibur: Sophitia, Rock, Talim, Raphael, Seong Mina, Voldo, Ivy & Astaroth sexually harrass Mina. (Instead of Arcade and all that, the modes are practice abusing mina, options, abuse mina, and museum filled with videos of mina getting abused and sexy endings. [1]
  • Soul Calibur Idol: All of your favorite characters...singing some dumb shitty ass songs such as Kiss My AZZ and Fuck You, Elvis. Starring:Kilik as Randy, Xianghua as Paula & Maxi as Simon!
  • American Calibur: Your Favorite Trio (Judges, you might say...) are back for the "Beat the crap out of 'em." kind of fighting game or whatever. Starring: Randy as Kilik, Paula as Xianghua & Simon as Maxi!
  • I Dream Of Maxi: Television show with a bunch of fucking faggots from Soul Calibur Starring Maxi as Jeannie and Kilik as some guy that is also the main character. (Damn it, I forgot his fuckin' name!)
  • Soul As Folk: Explicit HOT gay porno TV show with Kilik, Maxi, Yun-Seong, Raphael, Siegfried, Mitsurugi, Hwang, Zasalamel & Cervantes. Written By Sophitia Alexandria, Produced By Isabella "Ivy" Valentine, Set Design By Cassandra Alexandria and Directed By Taki.
  • Eternal Soul - The Movie: Explicit HOT gay porno film interview with creators Ivy, Cassandra, Taki, Sophitia, Seong Mina, Xianghua, and Talim as they talk about the wonderful romantic love story of Kilik & Maxi: In a small provincial city, a young girl name Chai Xianghua, is found brutally murdered. As the detective, Kilik, searches for any sort of clue that would lead him to the perpetrator, the girl's death triggers a series of events affecting a wide net of people who are in some way related to either her or the murderer. The discovery of Xianghua’s body proves to be the key that unleashes a series of events that include Kilik and Maxi's first meeting, why Kilik is forced to face his dark past, and why Maxi falls in love with him as they embrace their feelings towards each other and mate.
  • Soul Calibur Seniors: The fighters have returned once again...As a bunch of old, grumpy, toothless, people on crutches. They hardly fight because they're too tired and they be FUCKIN' SNORING ALL THE TIME!!!!! (What the fuck, I'M OLD, TOO! Shit, and so is Soul Edge and Soul Calibur.)
  • Voldo and the Day he puts on Some Pants: Thong-wearing Voldo is ready to wear pants the first time in his 50 years alive! Design pants for him to wear only for him to rip them up!
  • Soul Calibur: Whats cooking?: All of your favorite characters are ready to cook delicous meals! Try to get their show on food network!
  • Soul Calibur: Sweet Love: What happens when you get all your favorite Soul Calibur charecters, pair them up, and put them in bed together? Uncover the blankets of history and get ready for fun!
  • Street Kalibur: Tha niggaz r back wit mo' azz-kickin' an' shit like dat. Wit Snoop-Dogg az Kilick, Chaee Xianguah az herself, and Mobb Deep az Maxcee.
  • Soul Calibur Trio: Billboard's #1 Hip-Hop/R&B group with lead rapper, Xianghua and the R&B singers, Kilik & Maxi, bring out da skills in their new #1 album, Soul Embrace.

Alive Again Calibur II: Now you can pick Sophitia or Mina to be abused with any of the Soul Calibur 2 characters. Even Spawn can pick. You can unlock more female characters in the game to abuse. Tira, Lynette, Hualin, Talim, Taki and Cassandra. Get ready abusers, this is one game normal people hate. Giggity Giggity Goo: Quagmire on this game. Rated M (America) Rated E (Asia and Europe)

A movie version of Soul As Folk was released in theatres in 2012.

Soul As Folk Summary[edit]

Basically, the movie begins with Kilik and Maxi having rough bareback sex. They rip all of their clothes off and Kilik slides Maxi's thong down to his ankles. They kiss and hug, their penises touching each other. The lube comes out and the anal begins. Kilik whines like Mochizuki and all of a sudden Maxi shouts "I'M CUMMING!" Later on, Voldo comes in and goro's Maxi. He then abducts Kilik and holds him captive in a dungeon. Kilik is chained to a wall naked, bound and tape-gagged. Voldo then unleashes Nightmare to rape Kilik. He does and cums. Mitsrugi assists Kilik in escaping. Meanwhile, Yun-Seung revives Maxi by fisting him. They then have hot makeout sex, and all of a sudden Maxi remembers how he already is going out with Kilik. They go on a quest to locate Kilik. They are aided by their lesbian friends Setsuka and Hilde. The four come across Mitsrugi's campsite and discover Mitsrugi, who is raping a bound and gagged Kilik; bareback style. It ends with all having a sixsome, which results in a cum rainbow shower.

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