South African Football Players Association

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South African Football is a subtle and beautiful combination of American Football, soccer, Australian Rules Football and Mornington Crescent. The Players Association (SAFPA) was formed in 1812, with the object of repelling the expected Napoleonic invasion, and the preservation of the offside rule.

South Africa is famous for its rockhopper penguins. The SAFPA is the main promotor of so-called authentic South African Football, which involves each team trying to get a rockhopper penguin across the goal line of the opposing team.

Did you know…
that scientists predict that the next world religion will emerge from South African sport

Recent controversy has surrounded the introduction of a sin bin and the 'touch' 'touch' 'engage' religious ritual from rugby football. The SAFPA is a strong proponent of professionalism in sport, and since 1988 has staged 490 wildcat strikes, pickets and naked sit-in protests at venues of amateur sports such as rowing and tiddlywinks.