Soviet States of UnAmerica

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This article hates America, just like everyone else does. See more about Unamerica.

Consequently, this article lacks much or any redeeming intellectual value. However, even though no one smarter than a doorknob has contributed significantly to this article, it still contains more truth than you may be able to handle.

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“Back in the USSU”

~ John Lennon on The Soviet States of UnAmerica

“Communism Sucks”

~ Oscar Wilde on The Soviet States of UnAmerica

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What the...[edit]

The Soviet States of UnAmerica was first created in the year 2009 when Hillary Rodham Clinton was elected dictator of the United States, in an upsetting victory over Cthulu, Jesus,John McCain, and Your Mom. This spelled certain doom for the capitalist-loving, tree-hugging liberals who lived there. After Hillary's victory over the forces of God, the forces of Uncyclopedia were forced underground. The horrendous events that followed were deemed classified by the Big Man himself.

Until Recently, this was Deemed Classified by God[edit]

You are Not Worthy to view this article. Your Mortal Eyes Will Omit Some Parts of it that are only intended for God Himself.

The UnAmerican Reversal[edit]

The UnAmerican Reversal began when the economy of America became UnAmerican. Now backwards speak UnAmerican all non-citizens. No, reallly, The Evil Darth Hillary made us into her socialist slaves, making the once rich, peaceloving people of America into dumbasses.

How to Speak UnAmerican Reversal[edit]

First, you need to dress like an UnAmerican. Basically, this means dressing like a foreigner, but interestingly enough, foreigners dress like Americans. Just unleash your inner liberal to dress like an UnAmerican. Then, now that you look like an UnAmerican, you need to learn new UnAmerican words like diplomat, solution, economy, liberal, and terrorist. These are not truly UnAmerican, but they are helpful. In order to blend in with the idiotic beaurocracy in this new UnAmerican Soviet world, you need to say words like "In Soviet UnAmerica".

Therefore, you need to dress like this guy to look UnAmerican:

Imadinnerjacket says"I Love Soviet UnAmericans"

Now that you look like a proper UnAmerican, we can get started on speaking UnAmerican.

Stop hand.png Warning!
This article is Anti-American. If you are an American, a Brit, or a member of some other nation that is allied with America; look away now.

Here are some examples of speaking UnAmerican Reversal:

  • “In Soviet UnAmerica, sickle hammers you!”

    ~ Josef Stalin on The Soviet States of UnAmerica
  • “In Soviet UnAmerica, the foo' pitys you!”

    ~ Mr. T on The Soviet States of UnAmerica
  • “In Soviet UnAmerica, steak grills you

    ~ Sam the Cooking Guy on Cooking in the Soviet States of UnAmerica