Soluble Essence of Space Time Continuum With Special Emphasis on Pie Theory

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When one is asked to consider the fact of the pie, the obvious answer would be nine. or 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510.....


But, one also has to consider that that would unbalance the pious nature of the quantum theory upon which we do deceitfully and inharmoniously co-exist with the prior notion of unadulterated fantasies based on fictional non-linear academic notions.


Although that is all accounted for, when this is reconsidered, one might be led to draw the conclusion that, without a doubt, unequivocally, and with reasonably accuracy it is deductible that the preceding sentences might, in fact, be of a humourous (and therefore lacking sincerity) nature. And while these spurious demons that attempt to make the author leave the commonplace deity, resistance is not in fact futile.


For a closely bound group or collection is noticeably worth more than the sum of its parts. From henceforth, I shall yield to any such notions pertaining to your arousal, for the scarring and unbounded damage caused is irreversible, leaving horrendous scenes etched upon one's mind. For the more attentive of the readers, one might also take special note as to the endurance of the panther and the subtlety of an unsung possum.


One might see links and a more underlying state of co-existence between what is actually said, what is believed, and what is known. For not all that which is known is true, not all that which is believed in known, and not all that which is said is believed. One could retort, “But that which I know, is that which I believe to be true, and that which I believe to be true becomes what I know.” The reply would come as follows - one would have define truth.


If one was to go through life believing something that is a lie, but it is never disproved in the lifetime, is it actually apocryphal? Perceptions, my dear, are more powerful than the truth.