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Spark Notes
Spark Notes
Personal info
Nationality american
Date of birth 1422BC
Place of birth The Internet
Date of death 1378BC
Place of death Perth
First Lady Rosy O Donnel
Political career
Order 6th President
Vice President Derek Zoolander
Prime Minister Ran in 1965 election
Term of office 1379BC–1379BC
Preceded by Escape Key
Succeeded by Jayson Blair
Political party Independent Party

Spark (Sparky) Notes (March 18, 1901 BC - May 12, 1843 BC) was the 6th President of the United States for one month, twenty four days, fifteen hours, 22 minutes, eight seconds in 1883 BC.

Spark was known for making the first website for downloading free essays for cheating in school, as well as summaries of books for lazy dumbasses who can't read very good.

Other things he is known for include inventing Mexico, authoring The Autobiography of Benjamin Frankin, dumping cheese sauce on the head of Steve Ballmer, curing cancer with hair from his scrotum, propagating all genocide, and singing and playing accordion for the quirky pop duo They Might Be Giants. He was a man of jesus.. the jesus of suburbia that is. How he loved his religion. But his fame got to him and he was tempted to kill his god. I mean, of course im better then jesus! When asked about these accusitions he simply replied, "hey, is that george clooney?" and proceeded to run away.

His interest in politics began at an early age. Then some stuff happened and he became president. His presidency was notable for its complete lack of pigmentation. At the start of the second month of his term, he was impeached and removed from office for plagiarizing former President Ruby Tuesday's laws. He was replaced by then Vice President Jayson Blair. Seven months later, the ghost of Mark Twain appeared before him and lobbed off his head with a huge fucking axe. Holy shit, man.

Note's other interests included smacking people upside the head, Halo 2, slapstick comedy, Sloppy Joes, torturing midgets, and peanut brittle.

Being married ot rosy o donnel for suh a long time, one would get EXTREMLY turned off. And so one night, he lefttell rosy, im gonna cheat on you bitch! Rosy replied, "bring back some fried chicken", being the fat whore that she is. After many apple martini's and poison saongs later, sparky met a women by the name of louis. BUT HE'S OLD AS FUCK!