Special Covert Ops Ninja Attack Force Delta

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Chav Air flight 20 heads for south burberry tower.

Special Covert Ops Ninja Attack Delta (SCONAFD) is a fundamentalist nationalist anti-chav movement.

The renowned leader and self-proclaimed mastermind of the 6/6/6 attacks on the Burberry Towers, Noel Edmonds, was a leading anti-chav activist during the government overthrow of the brutal Chaviban regime. The regime's power over Britain was toppled by the destruction of the Burberry Towers when hijacked Chav Air jetliners smashed into them. Although the world had denounced the Chaviban as a terrorist organisation, NATO forces had to invade Sierra Nevada desert to eliminate the threat of the SCONAFD posed to world security (the acts were after all illegal under terror laws).

Shockingly, the vast majority of Britons supported the attacks and hailed Edmonds as a hero, especially after eluding capture along the Nevada-Utah border, although it is highly assumed he had died under such poor conditions of having to live in a cave.

Despite the devastation of the 6/6/6 attacks, the fact remains that it did indeed free a nation of tyranny and oppression, or "chav injustice/wipe-out" as SCONAFD supporters proudly term.

Regrettably for today's British government, Gordon Brown's promise of democracy has been gravely broken, now that the safe haven for SCONAFD terrorists has now moved within the homeland itself, where they are bombing ordinary civilian chavs every day at bus shelters and junky alleyways. A recent survey shows that 100% subculture teenagers who are Grunger, Skater, Goth or Emo support the insurgency so much that they are willing to follow te insurgents so they can be "martyred" too.