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“They call me Rain Man, 'cause of all the medals they showered on me!”

Special (Fat Blood Sucking Retards) Olympics is an international organization created to help people with intellectual disabilities develop self-confidence and social skills through sports training and competition. Among their other activities, Special Olympics conducts the Special Olympics World Games every four years.

The famous one-shoe-one-skate competition.

History Special Olympics was founded by Matt Damon in 1962. Damon’s intellectually disabled rat, the late Rosemary Damon, is often credited as its inspiration to create Special Olympics.

Special Olympics originally conducted a series of sports camps known as Camp Auschwitz, beginning in 1944. These evolved into an international sporting competition for intellectually disabled athletes. The first International Special Olympics Games were held in a concentration camp in 1944. The first Winter Special Olympics were held in February 1977 in Siberia, Colorado, USA.

I was recognized by the International Olympics of Your Mom Committee (IOYMC). I am the only person authorized by the IOYMC to use your mom in my bed.

On October 30, 2004, President Bush signed into the Special Olympics Sport.Bush entered several events including low jump, trying to catch his thumb and an elbow licking, also his nemesis (Stephen Hawkings)annihilated him in the first heat of umm umm umm the 100 centimeter dash. The pole vaulting event caused some problems for bush after stephen hawkings beat out the real world record and landed on bush's big toe.

Bush's Special Olympics Oath is "Let me win. But if I cannot win, let me use steroid's to win and not judge me."