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“They are hardcore.”

Special with a lisp is a special type of special. Usually reserved for Stevie and Cilla. It originated from Cilla, when Stevie said something very very stupid ... probably on the lines of "Breathing is weird!" or something. Because hes cool like that ...


Stevie has this title as he is just retarded. He is also greatly affected by the latest National Cement Shortage. The shortage of cement, has restricted the amount of new brothels being opened - which means he is very much out of work. If you like a bit of "hoe hoe hoe 50p a go" do not hesitate to contact the writer of this page. Please - without your well spent money, Stevies husband and 2043.4 children will starve this christmas.


She has it because she thought facebook was faceparty?! Oh dear ...

She also has a habit of talking about mums at inapropriate times, for example: Cilla: saying something about mum... blah blah blah... i love my mum Mr X: can u not talk about youre mum its a bit of a turn off ~Knock at door~ Cilla: Fuck its my mum!!

And she had heard everything ...


  • She crys at the L Word
  • Likes fish too much to be normal
  • Laughs like a man

Therefore, she also deserves this prestigous title.


This guy is cool ... he is plain retarded like many others on this page. He spelled stuck wrong ROFL!! ....

The Game[edit]

Ooops .. you've just lost it =P