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The Spelling Bee Movie is a fictional-comedy movie made by the Scary, Date, and Epic Movie Directors.


Three emos, (Korn, Kyle, and Kooper) were watching the national spelling bee on ESPN and were interested in the competition. They were rooting an emo contestant because she represented the emo community at the bee, so when she was in the final two, she misspelled refulgent meaning "light" (which emo's don't know because they are not associated with light), and lost to her competitor James Carmona. The boys were stunned at the loss and a famous quote made by the leader Korn, is "One day, one of us is going to beat that bitch in the national Spelling Bee!. Kyle and Kooper agreed and that starts off the movie. Eventually they recieve advice from people (spoofs from different films and fads) and Kooper wins the Bee beating again James Carmona (last year's winner). The final word was, crepuscular, meaning an emo-word. Many emos where watching at Kooper's hometown of San Jose, California, as also Korn and Kyle were watching in the front seats.

Movies Parodied[edit]

  • Spiderman 3
  • Star Wars 3: Revenge of the Sith
  • Saw III
  • Dreamgirls
  • Night at the Museum
  • Epic Movie
    • (Which was really strange, because they parodied their own movie)

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