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Spider-man, Icicleboy, & I'm-a-rip-off-of-the-torch girl formed Spider-man and his Amazing Friends. This animated television series originally aired on the NBCBC network in 1981 at 05.27hrs in direct competition with the Bionic Woman.

Though originally proposed as a show similar to the Spider-Man comic books, it was felt that Spidey spent too much time alone and therefore could be considered as a Homosexualist. So, Icicleboy (from Marvel Comics' X-Men MUTANTOIDS) and an original character, the girly-girl look at me I'm a girl Firestar, were added.

There was also a cute little dog called Ms Lions added for what was supposed to be comic relief but was actually just annoyance.

Peter's Aunty May was also a character who was introduced into the cartoon whenever Peter needed to be almost found out as being Spider-man. So she appeared in almost every episode.

This time around, Peter Parker shared a room that turned into a secret superhero hi-tech headquarters with his two chums, adding a "will they, won't they" aspect as to whether Peter would get it on with Angelica "Angelina" Jolie (Firestar)... or indeed Bobby "Bob" Drake (Iceman). The room had such hi-tec wizardry as a computer hidden behind a wall, self closing curtains and something called a Telephone, with which Peter could talk with which to his friends, with which.

Not only do the Spider-Friends fight Spider-man's enemies (Kraven the Dentist, Dr. Squid, Sudoko Boy, The Green Gobber to name just four of the literal tens to choose from) they also fought new villains, such as the Al Kaieda, Smallpox and Paper-cut Man.

The show was very successful and is still fondly remembered by children of the 1980s as a classic way to waste your time arguing why they needed Firestar in the first place when the Human Torch (of the "Fantastic Four plus a robot so it's really five" cartoon series) would have been much better.


Peter Parker (Spider-Man), Booby Drake (Iceman) and Angelina Jolie (Firestar) are all college students at Empire State University for Superheroes. After working together to defeat the evil Geek Fan boy and Acne-Girl in the student canteen the three teens decide to make the team-up permanent as the "Spider-Friends." (not to be confused with the Scooby friends).

They live together in Peter's Aunt's home with her and a pet Lion called Ms. Dog. Together, the superheroes battle various supervillains and eat Jello.

Although each episode was different, they all had the same basic theme: Heroes find Villain, Heroes fight Villain, one Hero messes up or "loses" their power at a crucial moment, fight looks to be going in the villains favour, hero who had lost their power/messed up suddenly regains their power/un-messes up. Heroes Win, villains go to jail. Ms Lions barks, the heroes laugh to camera, credits roll.


  • The makers of the show had originally intended the stars to be Mr T from the A-Team as Spider-Man, Scooby Doo as Iceman and Bonnie Langford as Firestar, but legal issues about Bonnie being too ginger led to a cartoon being produced instead. Bonnie, like Firestar, has since become a supporting actress in Bodyform advertisements.
  • Some of the sound effects used in the series originated from Huey Green's Opportunity Knocks and from the Queen's Christmas Speech of 1969.
  • Ms. Lion was actually a real lion stuffed into a dog's suit.
  • Firestar and Iceman wed in real life; Angelina married Bobby "Billy-Bob" Drake on August 7th 2001, only to divorce after 5 minutes due to "irreconcilable differences".
  • The show was taken off air when Firestar was found face down in a barrel of cocaine.


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