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Splash Attack is a move used within Pokemon, Digimon and Cashinmon. It is of the NORMAL move type which according to Pokemon rule 4 section b, is the god of Pokemon types. Splash Attack consists of the user leaping up and down with pathetic noises of discomfort. Upon seeing such a sight the other Pokemon will faint from a beam of such intense light and power. The beam is invisible, tasteless and odourless; nonetheless it is deadly.

Hyper Beam[edit]

It has been said and argued for some time that those who use the deadly Splash Attack can never learn any other pokemon moves, including Hyper Beam which is the greatest move (after splash attack of course).


The only known keeper of such a deadly move is the god of Pokemon; Magikarp. Magikarp is a karp type Pokemon whose special ability is Magic despite not having the ability to perform the infamous 'Rabbit in a Hat' trick most Pokemon can perform.


Throughout the Pokemon games such generosity is handed down upon you, Magikarp can be caught in any river, stream, lake or toilet. Using a busted up old rod can give you this legendary Pokemon and its almighty powerful Splash Attack.

Splash Attack Tactics[edit]

Splash Attack is a deep and powerful move and you are given only 40 of them to use in Pokémon. A tip is to find and buy as much PP UP you can. When you Open the battle its a good idea to use Splash Attack. After the other Pokemon is feint counter attack the attack from the other Pokemon with a well-timed splash attack.

If you're Pokemon sustains injury you need to re-fill your health and retaliate with a Splash Attack, don't let that other Pokemon get away with it.

File:Deadly magikarp.gif
A blank look? Or a Sinister Stare?

As the battle rages on and it appears you're not going to win any time soon its always a good idea to use a splash attack. If the battle becomes too slow and long just go straight to a splash attack to finish the other Pokemon off.


Because Magikarp and its almighty splash attack is so amazing, people have even brought funds to help raise Magikarp in the wild. For a long while some Magikarp have accidently flopped up on shore and continued to use a splash attack, many lives have been lost from mass fear and pandemia.

TO reclaim losses and funds a splash attack game was made.

Cute... but deadly

Recent Hysteria[edit]

Recent hysteria hit a peak when in Tokyo someone found a magikarp floating in someone's pool. Only after the F.B.I, Mafia and CIA were on the scene they realized it was an oversized gold fish.

In Japan on the coast several boats were overturned and suck to the bottom after fishermen had brought up some shrimp with several Magikarp. The splash attack was devastating; 100 men were killed that day.


It was once thought that Magikarp were slow, dim-witted ineffective Pokemon that only existed because god was drunk. It has since been found out about the devastating effects of the almighty splash attack which was discovered after a man was found dead with a knife wound in his chest when fishing, a flopping deadly Magikarp using splash attack next to him.

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