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Splorange, the original name for the planet/god Jupiter, was the one and only English word that rhymed with orange. This naming violated the American Rhyming Act of 1824 that prohibited the existence of any word or name rhyming with "orange". The planet/god Jupiter was threatened with both legal and military action until it quickly conceded to the demands of the Americans. They did, however, after much debate, let him keep his pet dog Splosage.

Splorange: The Only Food That Rhymes With Orange[edit]

Since then, Jupiter has started secretly manufacturing Sploranges as "The Only Food That Rhymes With Orange". The Americans have yet to find out about this, and, due to high demand by poets and musicians who wish to write songs about oranges, this business has become one of the main food corporations in the world.

A splorange in its less destructive form.

Splorange As A Hacking Tool[edit]

Many years after Splorange became Jupiter, many 1337 h4xX0rz were using splorange, or more accurately 5PL0R4NG3, as a secret information transfer system. They also used it to hack large computer systems, as the mere mention of 'orange' rhyming with 'splorange' causes many different machines (especially those running under Microsoft Windows or DOS) to spontaneously combust.

Splorange . . . The only word that rhymes with Orange[edit]

In late spring 2007, Ashley N. (last name withheld for identity protection) Discovered the only word in the English language that rhymes with orange. . splorange! Though it has yet to make it to any professional or real dictionary, Many people have high hopes for it!

Fluffy confirms this statement, as shown here-

"I, Fluffy, confirm this statement, as previously stated above."