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The Empire of the Spruce Cones[edit]

The ESC is a small island in the Ocean. The Spruce Cones likes gold, and try to make this liquid in every way they are able to come up with. The ESC is usually pacifistic and peaceful, but every now and then the |Pine Cones try something tricky in order to achieve domination of this wealthy island, so George W. Bush has to come and help them out with his mosquitoes and drop some nukes into the leader's coffeecup.

The SCKGB[edit]

The Spruce Cones of Kevin and Great Bombs is the Intelligence Agency of the ESC. They try to convert the Commonwealth of the Pine Cones to the ESC, usually by assassinating important Pine Cones or going to IKEA.

An undercover agent from the PCIA was eliminated during daytime on the streets of London by the SCKGB.