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The thing that goes 'beep'.

“It doesn't really beat Burberry”

~ Chav on Sputnik

Sputnik was a silver grapefruit that the Soviet Union catapulted into outer space in 1830, as due to the fact the fruit was made of solid steel and computer hardware, it was inedible. The Russians could not think of anything to do with the Sputnik fruit, but somebody had the bright idea to make it go "Beep" and released it into space. The United States was very afraid of silver grapefruit proliferation in space, so they hired Hollywood to land on the moon. Boris Johnson was convinced (in between games of wiff waff)) that with enough silver spheres the Communists could control the weather and initiate their "Global Warming" plot along with stealing our precious bodily fluids. After people ignored Johnson and Global warming happened they all screamed "WE SHOULD HAVE LISTENED!" Sputnik was last seen hovering over Norway and is believed to have crashed somewhere in the hostile environment there. Later reports describe a mystic sect worshiping Sputnik, but due to armed resistance, Russian intelligence is afraid to enter and investigate. So they hired a King Kong's sons fathers mothers fathers brothers roommate. He went into the woods and was torn apart by angry savages who wanted xbox 360s.

Sputnik was named after the sound it made, "Sputniksputniksputniksputniksputniksputniksputnik". It took the gas-powered one-piston, 500 liter motor, 25 hours and all the oil and natural gas in Russia to carry the small load to space. Howdy-Doody was livid when he caught wind that the Russians had just beaten the Americans to Space, coining his famous line, "Damnit! Who am I paying around here??!!"

Sputnik reproduces by mitosis, and little grapefruits sometimes enter the atmosphere and smash into stage performers with questionable talent. How the fruitlings identify bad talent has so far escaped scientists, but they think it has to do with performer appearances at parties of washed-up teen Disney stars.

Long-term effects[edit]

Sputnik is rumored to have inspired the game of Badminton. These rumors were not widely believed at first, since tradition held that the game was named after the town of Badminton. But the idea gained traction when it was discovered that there in fact never was any such town. The legend tells that the game designer imagined a somewhat more advanced Sputnik, with netting as well as spokes, and then a game simulating east vs west battling for control of a nuclear-armed Sputnik, each trying to make it fall on the other's country.

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