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“Squirrles: better than sex.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Squirrles

“Man that squirrle kicked your ass!”

~ Your bestfriend in highschool

Not to be confused with Squirrel, the Squirrle more accurate, and let's be honest, more well known counterpart.

What is a Squirrle? it is when you do a little dance[edit]

A Squirrle is something of an ambiguous species, and as it does not exist, it is extremely hard to monitor it's growth and general development as a species. It is widely supposed the Squirrles all travelled to the Sun for the winter, but to do this, they must have travelled by night, while we were all asleep and stuff.

Squirrles are debatably the most squirrley of all the Squirii, although this is debatably debatable. They have a rather vaguely shaped tail or similar protrusion, and have a rather un-describably non-descript sort of fur, with a rather quite averagely indescribable thingie at some juncture on their upper torso (if it can be called that).

ZOMFG SQUIRRLES!!!!11one[edit]

Squirrles are obviously 1337 haxx0rii, otherwise they would not be mentioned anywhere. It is claimed by some sore losers that all Squirrles are bug-abusing, aim-bot using, steroid taking cheaters. This may or may not be true based on the evidence that we may or may not have at this point (in May 2030zillion). Squirrles are fascinating in that they are the only species of Squirii to be 1337 haxx.

Squirrle Secrets [edit]

Squirrles never show there secrets in public. they often wait till they are complete and utterly alone then they do what is considered "strange" in some company. its prooven that the squirrle doesn't poop in public. when is the last time you saw a squirrle poop? exactly! one other thing is they are mad scientists. squirrls often have various weopons of mass destruction laying around there trees at night. it diddnt escalate until in 1940 when Adolf Hitler joined forces with Squirrlito Mussolini. he gave Hittler huge amounts of testosterone tablets and told the man he was the master race. In fact, we beleve that he was infact using the german to promote squirrlest ways. one other thing squirrles have as a secret.... Garlic repels them.

Ways To Kill A Squirrle [edit]

Squirrles are allergic to dying. It is probably their only weakness. However, it must be noted that the Squirrle army is notoriously well trained, well armed, and well hung.

== Other Interesting Things You May Or May Not Want To Know About Squirrles.

  • Squirrles are often mistaken for a bit of sand or a harry potter foot ball.
  • If the Beatles were called The Squirrles, they'd probably have sold at least a bajillion more records. At least.
  • jesus is a Squirrle.
  • All your tools belong to squirrle
  • Americans will often confuse Squirrles with Squirrels, as in that country, they are both pronounced the same despite smelling diffences
  • Squirrles kick ass at conting money
  • Squirrles prefer the squirrle channel
  • squirrles collect money not just nuts and pooh and are quicker than magpies
  • Squirrles have been known to consume grapes fairly speedily on monday nights. Always.