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Stahn, a white armored, spikey haired man, is the cat-like RPG hero that wieled a big sword from the RPG Tales of Emodom.

Stahn is emo.


Stahn was born.

Stahn died.


Kyle, Stahn's son was born to Stahn's skank of a wife, Rutee.

Kyle, Stahn's son from Stahn's skank of a wife, Rutee, dies.

Stahn's Life[edit]

Stahn is cat-like.

Stahn was an cat-like RPG hero. Unlike normal RPG heroes, who wielded big swords, Stahn would wield a big swords AND go cat-like on you. Until he got huffed like a kitten. That was a sad day.

Stahn's Sexuality[edit]

He's straight.

Stahn's personality[edit]

A little catlike and emo.

Stahn's appearance[edit]

He has white armor and spikey hair.

Facts about Stahn?[edit]

Stahn is emo again.
  • Stahn was born.
  • Stahn died.
  • Stahn was in Tales of Emodom.
  • Stahn's son Kyle died.
  • Stahn married a skank of a wife named Rutee.
  • Stahn's straight.
  • Stahn has white armor.
  • Stahn has spikey hair.
  • Stahn had a big sword.
  • Stahn was an RPG hero from Tales of Emodom.
  • Stahn was often emo.
  • Stahn was often catlike.
  • Stahn's son Kyle was born.
  • Stahn PWNs fayt.


Stahn(your right) had a big sword.

Because Stahn is ambiguous. Heck, do you even know who Stahn is? No one knows who Stahn is. He's just some punk out there who moves like a cat! NOTHING ELSE IS KNOWN! I mean, seriously, you stupid kids and your music, always want the details of everyone's life. GET OFF THE INTERNET! STOP NOSING INTO OTHER PEOPLE'S BUSINESS, YOU DARN DIRTY STALKER!

You're probably asking yourself right now even, who am I talking about?

No, I'm talking about Stahn. Stahn, unlike those other, isn't all high and mighty. He's no Chuck Norris. Just. Plain. Stahn.

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