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Stakeout is the god of awesome.

Stakeout, in all his Micromaster glory.


In the year 1984, Takara, the Japanese god of making toys that collectors think are great, combined efforts with Hasbro, the American god of making toys that people actually buy. Together they invented transformers. After several years, Hasbro and Takara got drunk and engaged in assorted sexual activities. This caused Takara to become pregnant, and later that year she gave birth to a child, Stakeout Holi Micromaster.

Stakeout is recognized as one of the Four Micromaster Gods of Because I Said So, along with Fixit, Red Hot, and Seawatch.

Common uses[edit]

Stakeout is highly distrustful of the police's ability to do their damn job. As a result, he refuses to let any of them keep an eye on things unless they ride on his back or that of one of his many clones. This is known as "going on a stakeout."

Being the child of two gods, Stakeout is quite naturally a god himself, specifically a god of awesome. As such, he can be infinitely awesome, and also can infinitely increase the awesomnity of anything or anyone who is not Big Daddy.

Stakeout in the Most Awesome Page Ever[edit]

In the Most Awesome Page Ever, Stakeout is not considered a god, but is considered to be a prophet. Stakeout's awesomeness is considered to be finite, for it is considered blasphemous to suppose that a physical entity could possess infinite awesomeness. However, it is naturally considered to be a very large number, and is functionally infinite in comparison to other mortal beings.

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