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For the religious among us who choose to believe lies, the self-proclaimed experts at Wikipedia have an article very remotely related to Stalinism.

Stalinism has turned the world into a paradise. It is a pity that the enemy of the people want to destroy this paradise.

Conspiracy of the enemy of the people[edit]

The enemy of the people are Trotskyists and they are spies for Nazi-Germany, Great Britain, the United States and Japan. They support the tsarist regime, are Jews and Germans and foreigners. They destroy machines and the fields. This way, the great material benefits of the socialist economy has been destroyed. The lack of food is entirely the fault of the enemies of the people, but also the fault of us. We didn't love the enemies of the people enough and should have convinced them to start loving themselves and the society.

The enemies of the people are suffering from a serious illness, because they hate society and so they hate themselves. They hate themselves so much that they want to destroy everything. They are suffering from the old peasant mentality of the survival of the fittest. A good stalinist voluntarily and enthusiastically trie to help these people to start loving themselves and supporting society. They also love to cover themselves in mayonnaise and get eaten by tuna. Wait, that's dolphins.

Kritika i Samokritika[edit]

To end the typical egoism of the peasant mentality that hunts most of us, we voluntarily and enthusiastically try to cure ourselves. We do that by criticizing the others. It is mandatory to be honest. It is really true that you are a troskyist and a spy for Japan, Great Britain, the United States and nazi-Germany and have destroyed machines and the fields. And because you did it, i did it to. It was my fault that I didn't try to stop you. That I was indifferent, that was my peasant mentality. All humans in the world should start loving each other and stop being indifferent. We must stop wars and capitalism and help each other every time we can. We can learn from eachother and stop our individualism and egoism if we be honest and tell each other our mistakes.

Production growth[edit]

The production has doubled every year, but this year it has quadrupled. If you don't see the material results, then the enemies of the people must have stolen it from you. That is your own fault, because you should have be not so indifferent not to pay attention to their hatred and sorrow.


Stalin is the saviour of humanity and the best that has ever happened to us. We are so incredibly happy that we can live in his age! Now all humans will help each other and stop being inefferent thanks to comrade Stalin. He is a commoner with an excellent mentality. He is not suffering from a peasant like individualism and egoism. It is a pity that many spies are fighting him and humanity. Even some of the advisors of Stalin hate themselves and society. They are the enemies of the people. They spoil humanity with their clientalism and factionalism.

Daily Life[edit]

At night i dream of the worldrevolution just like all other humans who are not the enemy of the people. I also dream of Stalin, who is the best man who ever lived. Everyday i try to convince others not to hate themselves and humanity and to stop factionalism and clientalism. Why would you hate yourself and not support the worldrevolution. All day long i think about what i can do for the others and for the world revoltuion. We will liberate the world from war, indifference, egoism, individualism, factionalism and clientalism. Every second of my life will be for the world revolution and to use every word and action for that purpose.

Fighting factionalism[edit]

Being part of a faction is indifference. It meens that you hate yourself. I will do everything to prevent that from happening. Therefore I will continuously try to break every faction to bring them within the Comintern and under the guidance of Stalin. Every word and every lie will be discussed with my superiors, who are appointed by Stalin for the greater good of humanity to fight individualism and indifference. I will continuously use this words and lies to cure the enemies of the people or to send them to education camps in the Soviet Union. The resistance of the enemies of the people is fierce. But that will never stop me i will continue to cast my egoism and indifference aside to devote every second of my life for the worldrevoltution under the guidance of my superior of the Comintern.