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Star Office is the one of the finest offices available in an office building hidden somewhere in Ireland. Many stars from the United States and Canada have offices in this building.


The coffee provided for celebrities and non-celebrity-ish stars alike comes from beans grown in Mexico. They are roasted on the sun for precisely 37 seconds for a rich and full-bodied flavor. Prior to 1937, Canadian aircraft could only reach Mercury and so this coffee was not as full bodied as it is now.


Star Office is also a virtual reality computer system created to aid celebrities in the office building. In 1956 it was developed to make the stars believe that the coffee they drank was actually hot cocoa. In 1997 it was remodified to make the stars think that their hot cocoa, which was actually coffee (but their minds thought it was cocoa) actually was coffee.


Star Office has also been associated with a typing tool made for who don't like MS Word. All 5 users (4 counting living ones) claim that their software was named Star Office before this building with offices was established. However, many historical texts can prove that the building was created some time around 1473 whereas the computer program was created before or after 1993. Disputes with groups such as PETA over the true owners of the trademark, copyright, and coffee(hot cocoa(coffee)) continue to this day.