State Of Insanity

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"Ha Ha Whoo hoo la de da do day, It's Flantastical!"- State Motto

The State of Insanity Has a long and rich history dating as far back as the late 1970's. It was gained from Canada During The Great Zamboni Wars, In which The USA got really bored and decided to Invade Canada. Some people say this was just the John Candy movie Canadian Bacon. Lies All Lies!

The State of Insanity In all Its Glory! It's there...somewhere...


  • State Bird: The Dodo
  • State Flower: The Cloco
  • State Snack: The Ho-oh
  • State Musical Artist: Tamia

State History[edit]

The state of Insanity was Won along with the other three states of Imbecilety, Crazyness and Zyloft, during the battle of the Icecapades. It Should of course be noted the battle of the Icecapades occured about a year after the actual Zamboni war was

The US is concidering giving Zyloft Back to Canada.

declared over. Since It's founding in 1977, Insanity has contributed greatly to our nation's politics, culture and enconomic policy. Its current capital Of Nutstonburg was established in 1984, after it's orignal capital ,Oxymorontonstown , was deemed "Too Hard to Pronounce".

Intresting Trivia[edit]

  • Insanity is home to the only hospital that believes "Soup Ladles Are the best medicine"
  • %76 percent of all Mad Scientists got their start in Insanity. The Other %24 came mostly from Wisconsin.
  • %44 percent of the air in Insanity is actually Laughing Gas.
  • Insanity is the only US state in which Elections are held through no holds barred cage matches between opponants.

List Famous Figures from The State of Insanity[edit]

  • Michael Jackson
  • Geraldo Riviera
  • Mike Tyson
  • Barbara Walters