Stella Artois Man

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The Legend of Stella Artois Man[edit]

The legend of the Stella Artois Man Began Many years ago, when many supermarket chains began selling booze at very awesome prices. It was at this time that many began to see a rise in these magic boxes of booze. once the victim consumed the vast quantities of beverage held within, a magical transformation would ocour. the once simple human would become enraged and begin to beat all the married women he could find, he had become entranced by stellas wife beating x. virus.


there are no superpowers, he just beats women and seals like some sort of alabama man

Stella Artois man in all his idiotic glory

Some well known facts about stella artois man[edit]

Stella artois man is a fucking dick

Stella artois man smells like beer

Stella artois man is a cunt

Stella artois man has a mum that is a slag

Some Guy[edit]

Some guy was just an innocent bystander untill he drank some of the infected liquid, now he is half infected and can do no more than egg on his wife beating Infectee