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Stephen Baxter at the Monkey Sex Convention.

Stephen Baxter (born in Liverpond, November 34, 1957) is a British hard core porn writer. He has degrees in cheese engineering and mathmaticus. His writings fall into three main catigories, Monkey sex, Non-monkey sex, and the Stock Market Crash. Many of these categories mix.

The Monkey Sex Sequence stories are set in the far future where monkeys live and humans are dead. The monkeys eat, sleep, climb around, make hooting nosies, and have sex. Character development in these stories take second place right after the descriptions of the sex the monkeys have. These stories are is most popular and are sold in many different languages such as Gibberish and Antarctican. Examples of novels written in this style are: The Ring and Curious George and the Low Priced Hooker.

His Non-monkey sex books usually are set on present Earth and Middle-Earth. These stories aren't as popular but are usually bought to feed peoples' goats. These stories are much darker since they make humans look like dumbasses. Examples of these stories are: Moon's Loin and Titan A.D..

Stephen Baxter has written many children's books but they take place in the Monkey Sex Sequence universe so they are highly sought after by geeky children. Stephen Baxter once said that his newest book would not include anything that had to do with monkey sex, but sales of his books plummeted and the events of Fahrenheit 451 almost happened but Stephen Baxter quickly changed his mind.