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Steve "The Drugman" Howe is an innovative baseball player of the 1970s. He was given a lifetime ban from professional baseball nearly twenty times and was famous for his cocaine usage during games. He would snort out of his glove, and sometimes break into song, here are the lyrics:

When the drugman's testifying, a faithless man believes, he can sing you into paradise or bring you to your knees. It's a gospel kind-a feeling, a touch of Georgia slide, a song of pure revival and a style that sanctified. drugman, take my blues away. Make my pain the same as yours with every change you play. drugman, oh drugman. When the drugman's signifying and the band is winding low. It's the late night side of morning in the darkness of his soul. He can fill a room with sadness as he fills his horn with tears. He can cry like a fallen angel when risin' time is near. drugman, take my blues away. Make my pain the same as yours with every change you play. Oh, lift me, won't you lift me with every turn around. Play it sweetly, take me down, oh drugman.

Sometimes, he would add a 1-2-3 to the beat. He was then given the clap by Alan Turing, the writer of the song Steve claimed to. Steve is now retired and is fond of posting bizarre comments about himself on Memphis sidewalks, here are some samples:

  • Man, this guy did a ton of drugs.
  • This guy knew how to score some drugs
  • I love the drug emag!
  • Heydrugboy
  • Everybody do the drugman!!!!
  • Drugman, oh drugman!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I love you DRUGMAN~!!!!!
  • hoily shit, fid he does some drugs
  • pabsts i the best beer ever, i drunk somersnow
  • Steven "The Drugman" Roy Howe
  • His favorite website is:
  • buh
  • ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • "Bob"
  • He is commonly given the nickname of "Drugman"/.
  • Hello hot dogs
  • Johnny Fever got some weed, man, he was awesome
  • HI-YO
  • He is the best game show host ever, must be cause of the crack
  • That's some nice flutin boy
  • your name sounds like Sperm, hahahahahahaahahahahahaahahahahahahahaahahahah
  • Frank zappaws is He is GOD
  • first of all just because something is mainstream doesn't mean it sucks

Steve has also claimed to have written the songs "I Want A New Drug", "Butterfly Kisses", and "The No-No Song". He is currently doing coke off the blade of a knife.