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Stickland is the primary place of residence for billions of stick people. It is beleived to be located somewhere in the Canadian Ocean. It has a prestigious history, but it also has the highest death rate in the world. Except for that, though, Stickland is a great place to take your kids.


  • Founded in 1809 by Sticky McStick and his band of intrepid pioneers.
  • 1829: The Great Blizzard. More than three thousand stick people died, due to lack of natural body-fat insulation. But thousands more survived, thanks to contributions by viewers like you.
  • 1864: Union soliders, in conjuction with The Pope, give AIDS to over 800 sticks.
  • 1879: Italy invades, but is pushed back by the great Stickland Militia. More than 2400 sticks die in the fighting. It takes 3 months to clean up all the body parts on the streets.
  • 1900: The Y2K bug hits early. Lamps and steam-powered cars throughout the city lose control. 94 die.
  • 1932: The Great Depression hits Stickland. Many fall in.
  • 1939: Germany, mistaking Stickland for Poland, invades. Over 30,000 die.
  • 1969: Kitten huffing is introduced. Thousands overdose and die. Said the mayor:

“Oh well, more for me!”

~ Stickland Mayor on The Great Kitten-Huffing-Related Deaths in Stickland
  • 1994: The Great Stickland Killing Spree. Stickov Sticksniski, a disgruntled postal worker, kills 11,111,1111 stick people in a kitten-fueled rampage. Blood floods the streets. More than 400 drown.

Places to Visit[edit]

  • 19 Stick Avenue: Place where Tommy Vercetti finally overpowered Stickard Stickson in 1994.
  • The corner of Fifth and Main: Best damn crack in the city. Talk to Sticks Stickman. His shit is da bomb!
  • 236 Rambler Street: Town Hall. Also the best damn cruellers you've ever tasted (right next to town hall).
  • 2112 Thompson Street: McSticki's Bistro. Scrumptious, delectable sammiches.

Famous People Born In Stickland[edit]

Main Exports[edit]

Stickland exports many great products, as it has a lot of workers and vitamin-rich soil. Its exports are as follows:

Regional facts[edit]

Other national holidays[edit]