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Our lawyers (no, not the ones appointed by the judge for our, um, indiscretions, the ones we've hired to defend ourselves from lawsuits from people like you) have told us that following any of the instructions on this page could result in imprisonment, deportation, permanent injury, death, or making you look really really cool in front of your friends. Thus, we have to put this disclaimer up so when you go and do the dumb-ass thing that this article is talking about you won't sue us. Either don't do this thing or do it at a friend's house.

One of the earliest recorded moments of streaking, this anonymous streaker is trapped atop a building in 1738.

Unknown to when it was originally created, Streaking (or as it was originally known the act of taking your clothes off and running around) was perfected in 1732 by Lord Bog "The Hog" Bureatestevots; when during important trade agreements he would take off his clothes and run around the valley. In 1746 he tripped on a rock and created the first "cock pushup" which he had to use to get himself home after fracturing both legs and iPod.

Streaking nowadays has grown dim, but still can be found in the United Kingdom and in areas well-populated with greased up deaf guys.

There has been a resurgence in streaking in towns that have two vowels next to each other in the years since 1985. This new type of streaking is done to celebrate sports teams winning, getting a raise at work, and figuring out how to program the VCR. Celebratory streaking has expanded to include celebrations of the day's high temperature ending in an odd number.

Streaking Tips[edit]

Streaking is an excellent form of exercise. Mainly because it involves running out doors at a fast pace for a prolonged period of time. Also, since your skin is free from cloth, you can absorb magnesium and cocoa butter from the sun. In order to get the maximum benefit from streaking make sure you do the following steps:

  • Make sure you streak in a public area: a sporting event, George W. Bush rally, a preschool, or the Oscars, are perfect locations.
  • Always wear athletic shoes. While the idea is to run naked, shoes are needed to prevent yourself from falling and spraining an ankle.
  • Be sure to wave your arms around while you are doing that so that you can get magnesium from the air evenly spread over your body.
  • Before you streak wear loose fitting clothing that is easy to remove. Uncyclopedia suggests a trench coat.
  • If your streaking venue is televised contact, you'll make some money.

Fun Facts![edit]

  1. When girls streak you see boobies.
  2. Arch Bishop Don Magic Juan brought his green hat.
  3. There are 3 types of Streaking.
  • a) Drunk Streaking.
  • b) Sporty Streaking.
  • c) Her dad's home streaking.
  1. IMPORTANT: always wear your smile when you do it.