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Streets ice cream, not character. Paddle Pop lion's eats hyenas and best me, Usually in a civilized society, streets are something that you drive down, but only if you stop being a bum like your father and get a job to buy a car.

Most other times, when society isn't being civilized and has done its time in the corner, streets are often a place for vendors selling clowns things they don't want that are probably stolen.

Since the dawn of time, streets have also had one horribly, unforgivingly racist. They have no time for avenues, roads, highways, and least of all, boulevards.

Streets are often differentiated from their also racist brethren (aves, rds, hwys, blvds), by the gangs , housing, and animals running here and there.


Interesting Facts[edit]

  • Streets have a soft spot for kittens
  • Streets have a hard spot for Fascists
  • Strees like you, and want you to come into their alley so they can give you some candy