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A cute teenage couple about to strip after losing in strip ping-pong
A rock paddle used by ancient Greek to play ping-pong

Strip Ping-Pong, also known as strip table tennis, is a social game commonly known in Europe since 18th century, frequently played by Napoleon Bonaparte. Even thought it was most popular in France, it is believed that Strip ping-pong was invented by ancient Greek in the 2nd century, who used rock balls and paddles to play.

In the year 2000 Strip ping-pong has become an official Summer Olympics discipline. Since then the record for most willing losing pants belongs to Calfredo Alemente. The best time in stripping for the last 5 years belongs to Varolin Carley who has done it in less than 2 minutes and 34 seconds. Falex Arye and Wartosz Bozniak tied in the competition for making other people lose their clothes. They both scored 148 pieces overall in 16 games.

Nowadays, Strip ping-pong is often played at parties. Further, it is a chance to get laid.

General Rules[edit]


Strip ping-pong is very similar to a regular game of ping-pong, except that every time one looses a rally up to 5 points (first to 3), the individual must remove one piece of clothing. It is up to the players to determine whether jewelry counts or not. Of course there are many exceptions and modification allowed to the rules. these modifications may be voted on during game-play, majority rules, therefore creating whichever rule you have proposed.

Additional Rules[edit]

There are many additional rules on which players have to agree on, preferable by voting, before or during the game.


it is advised for there to be a larger number of guys than girls, therefore voting is controlled.

At first, it is important to agree on how many pieces of clothing are allowed at the start. Usually it is accepted to wear everything that the individual has handy.

Secondly, it is important to determine after how many won points a piece of clothing should be removed. It is important to keep the number as low as possible while having time limitations.

Thirdly, Strip ping-pong can be played as a team game, preferable women versus men, unless it is preferred some other way.

Depending on the space limitations of the place where the tennis table is located, it can be agreed on that no smashes are allowed. If you want, you may appoint a referee. The referee has the ability to call whether one opponent has given an "unallowed smash" for example, or what ever rule may have been broken. Although, if the referee gives a call and majority votes that this was a bad call, then the referee themselves must remove 2 pieces of clothing for playing unfair. If you have been called on for breaking a rule, you automatically lose your rally's and must therefore remove one piece of clothing.

A men double match... hopefully against a couple of females

Ethical Rules[edit]

Strip ping-pong is a tradition that requires proper manners and appropriate behaviour. Some ethical rules that have to be followed are listed below.

Men should remove their shirts before their pants.

People who are old (30+) and damn-ugly should not play this game, because it creates a potential danger to health of others and surroundings.

Use of the bathroom or some other room to strip should be allowed, considering the ethical point of view. However, this can be voted against.


Blonde girl thinking what to take off next

The most important tip to remember is that every rule that makes other people strip is a good rule. To start the game make sure there are at least 2 of you that are able to play, otherwise the game is pointless.

Make sure that you are in possession of some quick-working booze such as vodka, in case that individual is too embarrassed to remove a piece of clothing.

Do not suggest voting over a new rule during the game when you do not have a majority of votes on your side.

Do not play this game if you are in a male/female-only group.

When an individual is too embarrassed to remove a piece of clothing it can be agreed to increase a number of won points required to remove it. This is a very useful rule when the booze applied are working too slow and the individual is about to quite the game.

Cup trick[edit]

It is well known that many women are not willing to strip easily, therefore presence of booze is sometimes a necessity. To extend the time of the game to give the booze more time to work can be obtained using simple equipment such as a cup. After the girl has lost a point and has to take off one of her last pieces of clothing, she will usually try anything to avoid it. Place an empty cup in the middle of your half of the table and tell her to throw the ball into the cup from the other side of the table. If she will get the ball into the cup, she will not have to strip. Eventually, she will miss the cup anyway and she will have to take something off.


The oldest players know that it is possible to play strip ping-pong without any paddles or tennis table. Everything that is flat can be used to play, starting from shoes and ending with bottles. To create a net on some flat surface packs of tissues tend to work very well. Tennis tables made of kitchen tables are frequently referred to as home-made.

Also consider bringing a condom to the game.

Cyber Strip ping-pong[edit]

Screen from Strip ping-pong 2009

Strip ping-pong has become so popular that some computer software producers such as Mr. Nielsons C.O.R.P. has produced virtual entertainment for Strip ping-pong addicts.