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Subordinate Clause is a derogatory term used to refer to black and hispanic elves in Santa's North Pole based manufacturing plant.


Born shorter than a majority of the other human population, ethnic elves - also called ethic midgets, elves, and the Irish - seem to be already at a distinct comparative disadvantage from birth. However, with Martin Luther King's famous "I Have A Dream Speech," (Some time) where it was conclusively proven that blacks can only read, write, and go to school in dreams, ethnic elves were further denied the opportunity - even in America - to be taught to read, write, etc. The elves, lacking education and high-paying jobs, were often confused for innocent children and kidnapped by a panicky[[]] Santa after he has dropped down the chimney and is caught sneaking things into his pouch by eager youngster. They are then taken to Santa's secret shop which, due to extensive outsourcing, has been moved to the North Pole to avoid such handicaps as minimum wage, worker's rights, legal troubles, unions, rights, equality, human rights activists, UN weapons inspectors, terrorism, Jews, Initial D, and [. )( . )\\]s

At the shop, the elves are treated cruelly and are often berated by Santa, wife, daughter, aunt, cousin, and father - Ms. Clause - with such vulgar slangs as: negro, beaner, sh*t, Slimy sh*t beaner, sh*t bucket n*gg*r, short sh*t ****, cum ****ing sh*t ****ing short b****, subordinate clause, and J*w ****ing ****er m****r****er **** *****in' c*** **** ****** **** ***** *** **8f **** **** ****.


They quietly take it.

Related Notes[edit]

  • Elves are great archers.
  • Also, the king of the Elves has an alternate job in which he must dress up in formal suits and fight internet hackors who attempt to insignificantly influence the Matrix by hacking.
  • Also, elves were originally created by the god Paladine, but the god quickly abandoned his creation when he discovered they all created Amazon characters in Diablo II.
  • Also cocks.