Sumer Islam

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World wide web Champion Osama bin laden.... (in the sumer islam 2006 BC)

Sumer Islam Is a Event of the wrestling Federation WCw, (Water Closset Western) of which it consists of which the sumerians and islamist are brutally attacked with "sumerians tablets"

The fights normally are between sumerians and islamist, but in sometimes there are brutals interventions for catholics and Nazis (of other federations). Sometimes they have visited places like stonehedge, Mordor, Mustafar and Bob. Osama bin Laden is a inconditional fan of this event and he steals webcams from USA for view it.

This event is transmited by FoxSpots Before the football and tennis. At the moment there is a cheating event of this, with the name of "summer slam", which nobody sees this, event because when seeing it it comes the guy from the bad film called saw and washes the teeth with the blood of the spectator, at the moment this person is dismantled daily everywhere and forced to see the teletubbies and Barney the Dinosaur.

Memorable Fights[edit]

A classic bout between Andre the Giant and Hulk Hogan.

WCw Champions in the "sumer islam"[edit]

Osama bin Laden defeats The Muffinman in a major upset to become the WCw WWW Heavyweight Champion.