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“I ain't come here to cause no trouble[1]. I just came to do the Super Bowl Shuffle[2]

~ Da Bears on Super Bowl Shuffle

“I may be a rookie, but I'm no dumb cookie.”

~ Refrigerator Perry on the time Ditka said he was made out of chocolate chips

“Shoot yourself.”

~ Everybody on the previous joke

"Super Bowl Shuffle"
Single by Da Bears
From the album of the same name
Released: 1985
Format: NES Cartridge
Genre: Gangsta Rap
Length: Unknown
Label: NFL
Writers: Walter Payton
Mike Singletary
Jim McMahon
Producer: Mike Ditka
Director: Jerry Bruckheimer
Certification: Vince Lombardi Trophy (January 26, 1986)
Chart positions: #1(US Hot 100)
#1 (CAN)
#1 (AUS)
#1 (GER)
#23385152704 (UK)
Da Bears singles chronology
We Ain't Got no Motherfuckin Super Bowl (1970-1984) Super Bowl Shuffle (1985) Southside Super Bowl (2007)


The Super Bowl Shuffle is a song, regarded by most critics as one of the most influential masterpieces in Gangster rap history. The brainchild in 1985 by recording legend William "The Refrigerator" Perry[3], it has spawned a number of highly imitated, yet never duplicated sound-a-likes. Most notably the Big Game Stomp by the 2000 Baltimore Ravens, a project doomed to failure due to licensing problems.

Recent activity[edit]

Punky QB known as McMahon has publicly regretted involvement in the project. "At the time I thought I was so cool, but all I really wanted was to please. I soon realized that I needed to look inward at my own needs."

Originally panned by popular author Oscar Wilde, "Those Mother Fuckers are doin it because they're Greedy." it quickly became a huge hit. Before his untimely ascension into the Kingdom of Heaven, Walter Payton countered that the Bears were doin it to feed the needy. Ironically the Bears were not trying to start no trouble by releasing the song. The song drew attention from Eazy E who signed Jim McMahon for his lyrics. McMahon went on to release "muthaphukkazkeeptradingmetoadifferenttemawithmynothrowing" He made a diss track aimed at Buddy Ryan where is said the infamous line "I'm be so clean I could never be muddy/Even if I was a Ryan we could never be buddies" The line appeared on t-shirts every where. After that McMahon started his own label signing Mike Ditka as "Mike Dicks her", Brian Bosworth, Wayne Newton, Karl Malone, and Brian Piccolo. A week later Piccolo committed suicide due to creative restrains placed upon him by McMahon. Da Bears have decided to revitalize it with the help of Timbaland and Bob Geldhoff. While the project remains in limbo it is hoped the remix entitled Shufflin' 2007 will be released by 2012.

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  1. Aside from grammar problems. And the gang-rape allegations are sub judice.
  2. Due to brain-injury problems.
  3. Who is certainly big but not cool. And emits this damn buzzing noise.