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Super Mario World is a video game released November 21, 1990. In this game Mario, the main character has to rescue his dead end girlfriend, Peach, from the the king of Koopas and distant cousin of Godzilla, Bowser. Whether Mario is doing this to show he really cares, trying to get lucky, or just because there was nothing good on T.V., Is unknown.

Mario must work through 9 worlds, a parralel dimension of the 8 worlds, one world being bowser's evil utopia and shopping mall combo, Space, and a strange dimension wrought by an unknown being. (You know who you are.) Mario also had to fight bowser's 6 sons, Larry, Morton, Iggy, Ziggy, Dopey, Roy and his adopted son in law, twice removed, Ludwig von Koopa. Since the games been released, Ludwig has removed himself from the koopa family to start a renounded musical carrer.

Box Art, as you can see Mario drew it while on crack.


An upgrade to Yoshi enabling Mario to defeat Bowser.

The object of every level is to get the cape, fly over all of the bad guys and powerups, and reach the end. After doing this for about 90 levels, the player then has to grab the Acura Integra and use it to defeat Bowser. Some levels don't permit the use of the cape due to elements like water, excessive bad guys, low cielings, or lack of a cape. For these levels Mario has no choice but to run through the level and jump on everything twice.

One of the 8 impossible levels found in the special world

The most common enemy of the game is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They start out as simple land walking turtles which can be knocked out of their shells and eaten by Mario. Mario can then use this shell for a variety of things like decorating his outfit, throwing at other Turtles, or in combination with a Dinosaur to fly or spit fire. These turtles evolve throughout the game to be able to jump, fly, and eventually fire bullets at mario.

Some levels are very hard. There is a secret world deeply burried within another secret world called "Star World" which the player must perform the double reach-around to gain access. This secret secret world has the hardest levels in the game, all of which are impossible. One of these levels consists of an icy floor (making it hard for the player to maintain the necessary erection), hundreds of turtles all firing automatic weapons at the player, and to make matters worse there is a Cyberdemon at the end.


  • World 1: Boshi'S Asland
  • World 2: Bonut Plains
  • World 3: Vankilla Bome
  • World 4: Tween Bridges
  • World 5: Forest of Unlusion
  • World 6: Chokoplade Asland
  • World 7: Balley of Vowser
  • World 8: Well at least something
  • World 9: Hell, where Mario eats Lotsa Spaghetti.


  • Mushroom - makes the player double in size
  • Feather - gives the player a feather in his cap
  • Fire Flower - allows the player to fire weapons at enemies
  • Green Egg - spawns a green dog for the player to ride
  • Green Shroom - gives player an extra life
  • Star - allows player to Bitch slap enemies

ROM Hacks[edit]

  • Muper Wario Sorld

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