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what a noob

  • Name: Gaylord
  • Hair color: Red
  • Weight: Who cares?
  • Height:5'8
  • Friends: None

How the term noob originated[edit]

The word came from the latin word noober. And nobber came from the german word nobbest. And nobbest came from the spanish word noobly. It goes on for ever. And ever. Then has a coffee break and continues going forever again.

N00b geneology[edit]

On Febuary 3rd, 1987, Stephen Hawking, Robo-Einstien, Super Mario, and Satan, got together and decided to create the noob of all noobs the "super noob" (way to go...). After many rigorest tests and failed attempts, Mario came up with an idea that would finish the "super noob" project. His idea was to get all the worlds biggest's noobs and extract the "noob gene" thus creating a new element on the periodic table; noobium. In 1992 after the noobium was harnest-ed it was fused with the child of Mario and Satan in which created an atomic explosion that: wiped noobium off the periodic table, sent Satan to Hell, made Super Mario a fictional plumber, killed Robo-Einstien, and put Stephen Hawking in his... current position. The only thing that survived the explosion was "the child".


Although it would be very easy to depict a noob it's even easier to depict the super noob. The super noob has been sited spreading his 'n00b like-ness' in the following places: Brampton, New Zealand, Canada, Ontario (which is in Canada), Earth (Which contains most of the above places as well, apart from New Zealand, may not be true, but one can hope...), and Universe 'n00blet'. If you live within the area's mentioned, or see him in any other areas, may god have mercy on your souls. And if you DO manage to get close up enough to injure him with out being zerged by his n00by-ness, please do not hesitate to. The super noob does not go to a school as if anyone tries to explain anything to him, he just says "WTHBBQ HAXORS!!!!11oneshiftone" and then gets beaten up by everyone in the immidiate vacinity untill they get tired of beating him and die off later due to high concentration to pure n00b, which we all know is fatal in even the smallest of doses. Some think that one day someone will creat a "super L33T" to finally kill him... but such a feat would require so much energy that they would have to tap the raw energy of the sun just to power the micro-wave he would heat his 'uber-1337' food in.

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