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The half ape, half human communists.

Supergrass are a Britpop group dedicated to proving that wholeheartedly stealing one's musical ouvre from The Kinks can be a respectable career move. Their music attempts to recreate the slick atonal frequencies created by various Mod bands in the 1960's primarily to profit from the nostalgic tendencies of numerous baby-boomers who were unable to face up to their own irrelevance.


The group's main plan is to create music which sounds like primate brain waves, which then delves deep into our subconscious to search for the "old" brain waves when we were once primitive apes and hence this will send our intelligence spiralling back. The world will become filled with simple beings devoted to primal lusts and nobody will know what hit us.

What then?[edit]

After the "ULTIMATE" plan is executed, scientists believe Supergrass will ultimatly become the despotic rulers of the world.

Non sequitur[edit]

Supergrass played at the Fairport Convention reunion-in-a-field. Strange but true. Go figure


The three founding members have often been likened both to the Monkees and to monkeys. The latter comparison was recently explained by uncovered MI5 documents that revealed the band to be the result of early attempts to create human-chimp hybrids at a research centre in Slough. The fourth member, who is publicly referred to as singer Gaz Coombes' brother, is actually a nameless, pill-addled, under-nourished refugee of the 90s Goa trance scene who was invited to join the band on account of his owning a Casio keyboard.

Powers of flight[edit]

The bassist Mick Quinn recently attempted to fly from a first floor window but failed. It is not known if the other members have the power of flight.

The Clones[edit]

It has been reported that many bands have guised themselves as two members of Supergrass (Gaz Coombes and Danny Goffey just in case you have no sense or realisation of what's happening in the world of music). Bands listed as the Supergrass look-a-likes are: Diamond Hoo Ha Men, The Hot Rats, Nick Cave, Charly Coombes, Neil Young and even Yoko Ono (Suspected ring leader)

It has recently been confirmed that all these acts are in someway connected with Supergrass. While 2 of these acts stand out more than others (Diamond Hoo Ha Men and The Hot Rats) because of the members being direct clones of Gaz Coombes and Danny Goffey. It has now been put into theory as part of the Supergrass ULTIMATE PLAN mentioned above.