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Superimposition is a philosophy that states the mind perceives truths at multiple levels simultaneously. The law of noncontradiction has been a relic of a culture of philosophers that have ignored advances in the study of the unconscious mind. Superimposition attempts to embrace these advances however failingly.

Analogy To explain better we must come up with a model for the mind. We shall view the mind as two stacked semi-transparent legos, one red and one blue. The conscious mind is represented by a top-down view where all we see is a purple lego. The subconscious mind is represented by a side view of these legos where both blocks and the points of intersection are in full view.

Redundancy Because truth is perceived at multiple levels simultaneously, one can try to cram "true" into at as many levels of the mind as possible. This is what Madison Avenue has been doing for years. Just examine the Energizer bunny, the myth of abundant energy superimposed on a rabbit symbol. The bunny expresses this myth to as many of the senses as possible. The rabbit symbol itself isn't an accident since in the past it had been associated with abundance and ressurection.

Contradiction Superimposition states that one can hold something to be true on one level of your mind and false on another. One can see this best in the Miller Lite tastes great, less filling ad campaign. This is a contradictory superimposition, that this beer can have the most desirable property of regular beer along with the most desirable property of light beer.