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“video games are EVIL they promote violence! not like Supernatural, no one accuses it while im slicing and dicing evil!”

~ Jack Thompson on Supernatural
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“I'd tap that.”

~ Oscar Wilde on Sam Winchester.

“I'd tap that too.”

~ Oscar Wilde on Dean Winchester.

“Why, mister Winchester, why? Why can't your ego let you to live just an ordinary life? Is it luck, or is it planned for you?”

~ Agent Smith on Dean Winchester.

“Go to Hell...”

~ Lucifer on Dean Winchester.

“Saving people, hunting things and hitting on hot girls”

~ Dean Winchester on the business.
The title card for Supernatural.

- Supernatural is a TV show produced by Warner Bros, which first aired in 2005 on the WB and is now shown on the new CW. Created by Eric Kripke and a penguin, it is about two brothers who are clearly breaking all ten commandments every episode. However, thanks to plot holes they never get caught. They also fight supernatural beings and try to find their father, who has a tendency to disappear. Rumors say he has been spotted at Graceland or in a jar of peanut butter in New Mexico, when frankly, everyone just knows he's on E-bay.


Sam 'Devil's Cabana Boy' Or the Anti-Christ Winchester Sam is the younger Winchester brother and is generally agreed to be an extremely hot guy. He has thoses big sad puppy eyes. That makes you want to pet or cuddle him. To death. His army of fans are fierce and protective. His hair goes through many changes over the season usually reflecting Sam's ever changing mood and body type. He is taller than Dean. Much taller. Sam is developing psychic powers including foresight and telekinesis, thus turning him into a Mary Sue. In the fourth season he gains the power of exorcising demons with his mind. This creates a grey area for the brothers, because while it may have the side effect of transforming him into a demon, it does save him the 20 seconds it takes to say the spell that does the same exact thing. He spends most of his time moping around about the deaths he has caused. When not doing that, he finds a way to connect deaths he has not caused back to him, thus giving him something to mope about. His biggest reason for depression concerning deaths he may have caused/related to him is that brother Dean snagged the guilt trip for the big one; Daddy John's kicking of the bucket. Evidence shows he was probably a very angsty teen. Some believe him to be the anti-christ, others a giraffe. He has leaned more towards the Anti Christ option in season four when he caused the apocalypse. With the first seal and the last respectively. The irony was not lost on either. He has a very strange habit of being gentle and passive in in public, but having some of the angriest sex imaginable.

Dean "So You Think You're Funny", "I Think I'm Adorable" - Dean Winchester Dean is also agreed to be an extremely hot guy. He is in love with a '67 Chevy Impala named the Metallicar (though not as much as his brother Sammy, something that he will never admit). Dean is arrogant, charming, brash and impetuous. He has pornographic lips, often quotes pop culture, never takes things seriously, and plays pranks on people while they are sleeping. In real life, we refer to these kinds of people as "assholes", even if they are often-suicidal, depressed woobies as well. Was generally considered more fanciable pre the 'crying every other episode' fits of the past season. Although he's a blue-collar hard man with very little money and with a disgusting job, he always manages to have a perfect manicure and perfectly gelled/twisted hair wherever he goes. He will destroy you if you hurt his Sammy, unless of course you are Bela, in which case he will tell Sammy to stop whining. If Dean's baby brother Sammy is destroyed, as he was, Dean will offer himself as sacrifice, then spend a year crying till he goes to hell. However he is so hot that an angel totally goes gay for him and drags his ass outta there. The angel brands him, so that everyone else knows whose bitch he is.

John Winchester

Sam and Dean's borderline abusive father. You just know that when he was courting their mother, she was always complaining that he never called. Is never really there, probably Supernatural's answer to Sarah Connor. Taught his oldest son to shoot at the age of six and therefore provides an acceptable excuse for Dean's behaviour with Junior in 'The Kids Are Alright'. Gave Sam a .45 when he was nine when he feared there was something in his closet. John is apparently very bad with toasters, forming human relationships, and keeping his phone on. John Winchester is however in fact a D.I.L.F., proven by the offspring he leaves all over the country. 

Mary Winchester - - Sam and Dean's mother. Died tragically... or did she? Could be Elvis, living out her life in disguise. Likes ceilings and setting fire to things. Spent her previous life as a Hunter and a babe (which is only the Number Two reason that Dean goes to Hell) and a liar and possibly a murder suspect, too bad all the witnesses are dead. - - Jessica Lee Moore - - Sam's dead girlfriend. Widely rumored to be Mary, as they look exactly alike. This says worlds about Sam and his Oedipus complex. Also likes setting fire to ceilings. - - Meg Masters - - The main villain of the first season. In Dean's words, "buckets of crazy." Frequently kills or tries to kill: people who are stupid enough to pick up hitchhikers, Sam, Dean, John, kitties, puppies, ponies, and the Trix Rabbit. - - The Demon - - Celine Dion's twin brother. Frequently lights women on fire after splitting them like dinner. We're not sure if he's hungry or just... you know... demonic. His heart was two sizes two small... wait, that's the Grinch. Although we notice they both have yellow eyes... coincidence? I think not... - - Jo - - Daughter of some hunter's wife that no one remembers. Prototype for the many an noying female characters the writers force in every year. She has a crush on Dean, but because she looks like a 14 year old girl and is annoying like no other, he tells her in so many words to get lost. She does. - - Gordon - - Gordon the crazy hunter / had a very curvy knife / and if you ever saw it /you would run for your life /all of the other hunters /thought that he was really whack /So then they left poor Gordon /To get eaten by a yak! - Sadly, Gordon did not get eaten by a yak, yaks are vegetarians and have made it clear they'd like to avoid any associated stigma. Basically Supernatural's answer to Malcolm X. - - Agent Henricksen - - FBI agent who's made it clear on more than one occasion that he just wants to do Dean. Plays him hot and cold by calling him and hanging up on him during bank heists. Stalks Dean. Big time. When he's not doing that, or even while he's doing that, he advocates people to have sex - has made it clear that he likes seeing Dean in chains. Weirdo. He also has a monkey slave dude who repeats everything he says... Actually, I'm pretty sure he's dead now. It had something to do with a leather/bike chains/parachute accident. - - Bela Talbot - - Physical manifestation of every tough-girl cliche ever created. Fortunately was killed, as the collective hate of 5 million fans actually managed to manifest itself in the fictional TV world as a demon which ripped her apart. I guess Tulpas do exist. Would provide a more detailed explanation, but her name carries a curse that causes mutation of fans into rabid, bloodthirsty monsters. Part of this madness could be caused by the psychological effect of her french/italian/mexican name. - - Ruby - - Sam's demon stalker that possesses a demon killing knife, the ability to fix the Colt, demonic strength, knowledge of witchcraft and anything else the writers may find convenient for the plot. We later learn that Ruby is actually a demon with a heart of gold for some completely unexplained reason, but is not averse to sacrificing virgin secretaries, beating up Dean or lying to (or on) Sam. - - Also, in Season 4 she decides to possess the corpse of a really bad actress. Then Sam bangs her. Thousands of shippers punch the air... until Dean does him one better by screwing an ex-angel. Ah, well... She still has her side job of peddling addictive substances. - - Lilith - - Takes the guise of a sweet lovable little kid but is actually a demon committing serial murder and delighting in psychological torment as well as scheming for the end of all humanity - probably a Dexter fan. Is also Sam's rival and wants to get him killed because he is much much taller than her. Also finds Dean cute, but wants to kill him anyway. - - Castiel - - Not much is known about this Angel, except that he has a really tight grip and is allergic to questions. - Oh and he likes Dean (common by many), but he can't shag him because he is wearing a holy tax accountant. Oh, and his shadow has wings, but he somehow doesn't. This kind of logic is normal among angels, I guess... - - Uriel - - Another angel. Not much to say, really, apart from the fact that people who like him want him to die... - - Anna - - Yet another angel. Once served God and looked after humanity, but felt that having sex and eating chocolate was a higher calling and decided to jump ship. Instead of looking down on this horrible act of complete selfishness, Sam and Dean seemed to support it with a resounding, "You go girl!". Became an angel again but is still on the run and spends her days dropping into episodes she is not wanted in and doing absolutely nothing to advance the plot. - - ==Episodes S1== -


In the episode “Skin”, Dean wonders why Sam insisted on investigating in a sauna filled with men.

- - *1. "Pilot" - - Sam and Dean's mother dies under mysterious circumstances. Twenty one years later, Dean breaks into Sam's apartment, tells him he's looking for beer, and drags him off to nearly get killed by Casper. Later, Sam's girlfriend coincidentially dies in the same way his mother did - bludgeoned to death by a plunger-wielding maniac. - - *2. "Wendigo" - - Sam and Dean notice that the bears in Colorado are apparently extraordinarily hungry for human flesh. Thus, they set off and nearly get eaten by a Wendigo, at which point millions of viewers ask the important question: what in the hell is a Wendigo? - - *3. "Dead in the Water" - - Sam gets to grope hot naked women while Dean bonds with small children. Awwww. There was something in here about a dead kid that looked like he'd wandered out of The Grudge and his bicycle, but it's not terribly important in the grand scheme of things. - - *4. "Phantom Traveler" - - Dean's secret weakness: not Kryptonite, polka music (though that might work) or women, but rather airplanes. There was something about demons in here too but the viewers were too busy laughing about Dean. The demon confesses that he knows the plunger-wielding maniac, for they belong to the same country club. - - *5. "Bloody Mary" - - No longer just an urban legend! Now comes with a mirror and longer than ever nails! Collect all three models! This particular incarnation of Bloody Mary only claws out your eyes if you're guilty about someone's death. This apparently encapsulates half the town's (Stepford, anyone?) population, including Sam and Dean. Sam is guilty about his girlfriend's death, as he believed he should have heard the sounds of Jess's brain being sucked out with a plunger. No one knows what Dean is guilty about, but he may have killed some girl because the sex was just that good. - - *6. "Skin" - - Skin is about a shapeshifter that thinks Dean is hot and thus spends a lot of time pretending to be him. If you have sex with the guy you're borrowing a body from, is it masturbation? This question and more leads to confusion for Sam, the viewers, the Pope, and George W. Bush, who can't decide if it should be illegal. Anyway, at the end of the episode, fake Dean is killed by real Dean, unless it's the other way around. How would anyone know? - - *7. Hook Man - - The second of the episodes based off of urban legends. People keep dying and Sam and Dean trace it back to a crazy dead plunger-wielding priest. At this point Dean solves the problem the only way he knows how: he lights everything in sight on fire. This will be a continuing quest for him throughout the series. However, it will never lead to the characters getting caught. - - *8. "Bugs" - - The first rule of the episode Bugs is that you do not talk about the episode Bugs. - The second rule of the episode Bugs is that it doesn't exist. - Non-existance is sponsored by The World's Shortest Night and Dean slapping Sam on the ass and posing as his boyfriend. - - *9. "Home" - - Sam and Dean return home. Golly gee, I never would have guessed that from the title. They meet a hilarious woman named Missouri who threatens to whack Dean with a spoon. Dean doesn't look too opposed to this idea. Mary makes an appearance and the audience pretends to be surprised. She apologizes to Sam for something, possibly ruining his favorite stuffed animal with a chunk of her burning flesh. John hides from his pimp in Missouri's house. - - *10. "Asylum" - - Sam finally gets counseling, and promptly attempts to shoot Dean, thus exposing the problems with the modern mental health field. Dean lights the body of an insane psychiatrist on fire, thus continuing his pyromaniac habit. Both characters violate the "never split up" rule of horror movies and it comes back to bite them in the ass. - - *11. "Scarecrow" - - Joining the "Christians are fucking psychos" block is this "Pagans are also fucking psycho, let's all be atheists" episode. Dean and Sam have a huge fight and Dean gets nearly sacrificed to pagan gods so that Farmer Fred can make apple pies. Dean finally asks Sam to hold him. - - *12. "Faith" - - So Faith is about this guy who pretends to be healing people by faith, and he sort of is, except he's also killing people in return. And except for the part where it's actually his wife doing it. But in any event, the moral of the story is that only God, the show's creators, and possibly The Pillsbury Dough Boy have the right to decide who lives and dies. And maybe it's okay if fanfiction writers do it too. Unless of course that person isn't a human, in which case Sam and Dean are free to kill as they see fit. - - *13. "Route 666" - - Sam pretty much sums up this episode when he says "I miss conversations that don't begin with 'the killer truck.'" The truck is, somewhat unsurprisingly, molded with the soul of a dead guy who is trying to hunt down all of the people involved in his murder and the ensuing coverup. Dean stays true to form and lights the body on fire and then tries to do the same with the truck. However, since we live in a universe where that doesn't work too well, he has to risk his life to stop this truck. So, he cruises by the church full of vengeful spirits the truck's driver murdered, and by using himself as bait, lured the truck towards the church, where the spirits gratefully destroy the evil spirit of the truck, thus showing the viewers that racism is wrong. Its best not to think while watching this episode, instead just enjoy the Dean sex scene thrown in purely to show off the boy's more phsyical attributes don't watch if for an emotional connection though, the Dean/Cassie chemistry is horrific and they spend most of the episode looking awkward around each other, this includes when they are meant to be inside one another!!! Sam mills around ribbing Dean as only younger siblings can. - - *14. "Nightmare" - - Sam and Dean meet another kid whose mother was killed by the plunger-wielding maniac and who coincidentally also has psychic powers. Sam admits that maybe, just maybe, his father is not Satan. He also starts moving things with his miiiiind. Dont worry about this important piece of information. It will never come up again. - - *15. "The Benders" - - Sam is kidnapped by the cast of "The Devil's Rejects". They are some crazy rednecks who've married their sisters one too many times. Which is doubly creepy, since their sister is only thirteen. They are going to hunt Sam and then have him for dinner and put his teeth in a jar. These people have really good electricity supply for some reason.... - - *16. "Shadows" - - Evil Meg is back, and Sam and Dean violate several commandments of the Evil Overlord List. Dad is back, too, but only briefly, because let's face it - who wants to see a show about two kids and their father traveling? The trio nearly gets killed by some freaky shadow things (never woulda seen that coming, right?) but Sam gets his most brilliant idea yet - make it really bright in the room. - - *17. "Hell House" - - After about a quarter of this episode you may as well tune out as every single viewer ever to watch this show is struck dumb by the towl-adorned Jared Padalecki flexing his bronzed god like chest after Sam gets out of the shower. Something else happens I'm sure but nobody remembers that. - - *18. "Something Wicked" - - Remember the Dementors from Harry Potter? Not too much more than this. And also? John is an abusive bastard and Dean has a guilt/martyr complex the size of a very large cliff. Like we didn't already know that. - - *19. "Provenance" - - THE LITTLE GIRL DID IT!! THE LITTLE GIRL DID IT!! - - *20. "Dead Mans Blood" - - Sam and Dean finally get their father to show up after they tell him that their hotel offers free porn. Then they all go rob and kill a bunch of vampires. Apparently there is some gun or something that for some completly unexplained reason can kill the plunger-wielding maniac. Sam teaches his dad a lesson in the verbal beatdown stakes when the guy tries to take on his son who has about two feet on the old man. - - *21. "Salvation" - - Sorry, no fundie Christians in this episode. How do you feel about firemen? Sam and Dean have to go save a baby from the plunger wielding maniac. - - *22. "Devil's Trap" - - Rocks fall and everyone dies, even the Metallicar! Or maybe that was a helicoptor. On ER. - - ==Episodes S2== - - *23. "In My Time of Dying" - - Everyone is magically resurrected as Las Vegas showgirls thanks to the magic of Hollywood and a ouija board. John makes a deal to bring Dean back from the dead. The YED makes him an even better offer (a decent acting career) and he promptly leaves. - - *24. "Everyone Loves a Clown" - - What we learn from this episode: not everyone loves clowns. Those that do are small children who are in imminent danger of being snatched by child molesters. Listen up, people! Clowns are evil! Clowns are waiting to eat all of you and your children and your little dog too. While your are sleeping. With a spork. If you love clowns, for the love of god, stop now! - Meanwhile, we discover Sam does not share the love of friendly Clowns and repeatedly tries to shoot them whilst crying about Ronald McDonald. - - *25. "Bloodlust" - - Apparently Tara from Buffy was mysteriously resurrected and brought back as a vampire. Technically, brought back as one of the biggest vampire wimps ever. Sam and Dean meet up with a guy named Gordon, who tries to get Dean drunk and take advantage of him. Sam turns into a jealous bitch and gets captured by a bunch vampires on a diet to get Dean's attention back. It works. - - *26. "Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things" - - Further proving that necrophilia is just plain wrong, Sam and Dean face off against dead Angela, who was brought back to life by her BFF Neil, pretty much so he could screw her (don't worry, he's dead now). Luckily for Sam, he managed to finish watching his porn before Angela tackled him and broke his wrist. Unfortunately for Dean he does not take the forsight to remember his adage of what's dead should stay dead when he resurrects Sam a mere 20 episodes later. - - *27. "Simon Said" - - Sam has sexy visions about people being killed. This causes him to angst, which causes Dean to touch him ... out of concern. The boys meet Andy, who is a pimp with mind control, and Andy's twin brother Weber, who might just be a touch in love with his bro. In the end, Weber gets shot, and out of the four "special children" we've encountered so far, that's two dead and evil, and two questionables. - - *28. "No Exit" - - All that matters about this episode is that Jo didn't die, Dean makes less-than vague refrences to Masturbation in front of Jo, and Sam did a fabulous impression of a potted house plant. Please contact your appropriate state senator with complaints. - - *29. "The Usual Suspects" - - Linda Blair guest-stars as a cop on a mission. That mission is apparently to screw her partner in as many places as possible, which is probably how the gigantic Sam manages to escape from the station. Meanwhile, Dean states, for the record, that he is an Aquarius, enjoys long walks on the beach, and frisky women. Dean also demonstrates his bondage kink, smiling as he's handcuffed to tables and slammed up against walls by larger men. Fangirls explode. Sammy demonstrates his big-brother hero worship by repeating almost everything Dean says. Fangirls explode. - - *30. "Crossroad Blues" - - Sam gets stuck protecting a man who sold his soul to the devil while Dean gets to make out with a hot demon chick. Some things in life just aren't fair. Also, Dean and Sam find out that apparently John managed to win himself a five-star vacation in hell for sacrificing himself to the demon, which just puts everyone in a fantastic mood. - - *31. "Croatoan" - - You know that feeling you get when you're sick, like you want to kill everything? Well, apparently this town's caught a really really bad disease because they all proceed to go completely batshit. Celine Dion's music can be heard playing eerily in the background as the demonic plague spreads through the town and then causes the whole town to disappear. What do you mean, you don't disappear when you get sick? Meg's little brother is training to take her place in the wonderful family tradition of killing people while they're driving. This episode seems to be setting up something important, but dont worry, it will never come up again. Watch out for the conveniently placed telephone box... how come they're never around when I need to make a call? - - *32. "Hunted" - - Gordon the crazy hunter had a very curvy knife.... Gordon kidnaps Dean and tries to kill Sam because Gordon forgot to take his Prozac that morning. More bondage as the whacko hunter ties Dean up. - - *33. "Playthings" - - Dean and Sam fight The Shining and Sam nearly hooks up with some total MILF action. - - *35. "Nightshifter" - - Beware the Mandroids! Also, Dean attempts to give a crash course on how to rob a bank and walk away with nothing but a few murder charges. - - *36. "Houses of the Holy" - - Sam and Dean try to stop a psycho dead priest whose misguided views lead him to believe that rapists and murderers are evil and should be stopped. I'm as confused as you are. - - *37. "Born Under A Bad Sign" - - Meg is back but she's inside Sam instead which makes Dean jealous. Jo is back but only to be turned on by Evil!Sam, which in turn was only Meg so that poses the Meg a hot lesbian demon? - - *38. "Tall Tales" - - Hilarity insues as a frat boy is raped by an alien, a creepy ghost girl scares an adulterer, and a scientist is brutally murdered by an alligator. We also learn about Dean's taste for asian porn and trashy fat women. - - *39. "Roadkill" - - M. Night Shamylon is definitely gonna sue someone over this one... - - *40. "Heart" - - Sam screws a bitch - literally. The love is short lived as Sam tells her that he has herpes and she shoots herself. - - *41. "Hollywood Babylon" - - Our fairly freshly laid heroes walk into the sunset. The rest of this episode can be watched in super-fast rewind and be just as funny. Sam and Dean can no longer see the ghosts they are hunting and nobody bothers to tell us why. That camera phone just got lots of hits on Amazon, though. On a side note, Dean becomes a personal sex slave and jealous fangirls scream out in anger. - - *41. "Folsom Prison Blues" - - Dean drops the soap and a nice man helps him to pick it up. - - *42. "What Is and What Should Never Be" - - Dean has finally found a genie who is into bondage kink. Dean finally breaks it off when he realizes that it isn't really Barbara Eden, or even Barbara Eden in a Sam suit, but some old balding guy with a fetish for Maori tribal tattoos. - - *43. "All Hell Breaks Loose, Part One" - - The YED gets bored and decides to start his own personal fight club with the psychic kids (it isn't as cool as it sounds). He drops them all in the ass end of nowhere; some cowboy town that has supposedly been abandoned for 100 years, but is in perfect condition. Sam finds out what sharp, pointy things are used for. - - *44. "All Hell Breaks Loose, Part Two" - - Dean follows Papa Winchester's footsteps in continuing the wonderful tradition of whoring his soul and himself out by going back to making out with that plastic surgery worshipping crossroads demon. Also, hell kicks Papa Winchester out because he hasn't been paying his rent. Oh yeah, and Sam came back from the dead blah blah blah... - - ==Episodes S3== - - *45. "The Magnificent Seven" - - A week after Dean prostitutes his soul, the Winchesters go looking for more trouble in the form of seven demons who want to kill innocent people. What else is new? Also, some chick who seems to think she's from the Matrix saved Sam's wimpy ass from being killed, and Dean has a threesome. And as long as it's not too close-up, Sam enjoys watching his brother having sex. Nobody is suprised. - - *46. "The Kids Are Alright" - - Dean decides to stalk a woman he slept with 9 years ago, and demands to be let into her house. Awkwardness all around. Dean then follows this up by cloning himself and spends the rest of the episode teaching Mini-Me to kick other little boys in the balls. - - *47. "Bad Day at Black Rock" - - Sam lost his shoe. And the boys find where Dad used to store his porn weapons cool stuff. The Winchesters meet Bela, who uses magic to steal a severed rabbit's foot. - - *48. "Sin City" - - The Colt comes back (don't worry about how) and is forced to murder, car chases ensue. Meanwhile, Dean meets up with the Ocean's 11 extra and looks at lots of racks. Sam can't say 'sex' to a priest. - - *49. "Bedtime Stories" - - A wolf person or something kills a bunch of fat guys. Also, we find out that Sam couldn't be more gay. - - *50. "Red Sky At Morning" - - Two effeminate and bumbling men, a big ship, strong implications of angry sex, and a woman that raises the bar for being annoying. Now why does that remind me of Pirates of the Carribean? Bela once again demonstrates her Jedi powers and steals a severed human hand. Sam is groped by Mrs Haversham and both Winchesters are understandably perplexed by Bela's severed limb fetish. - - *51. "Fresh Blood" - - Angst, angst, angst. And then Gordon goes Grrr and his head goes pop. And Dean's gonna kill Bela. We all are eagerly awaiting that. And Sam now has the task of fixing Dean's car. Oh dear. A bunch of vamps think it's funny to turn Gordon. But not the awsome, badass vamps from season one, but the pussy emo vampires who like to brood in the darkness and whine about their feelings (while mercilously killing innocents). Sam seems to like his style and asks for pointers on brooding while severing Gordon's head!!!!!! While Dean seems to love getting slammed up against the wall and getting Gordon's fangs in his neck. Filthy little pain-slut. - - *52. "A Very Supernatural Christmas" - - Pagan gods play evil Santa Claus, give Sam a terrible manicure, then decide they want to be Dean's dentist, and let us make a trip to the Department of Wibbly Backstory. Dean likens fudge to fruitcake. No Bela OR Ruby!!! It really is Christmas! - - 53. "Malleus Maleficarum" - - We discover we can liken demons to flies, in the way that all flies used to be maggots, and demons did too!! Well, humans, but it ain't so far from the same thing, really. - - *54. "Dream a Little Dream of Me" - - Dreams can reveal much about the soul, including dark embarrassing secrets. That's why it is fitting that we learn that Dean has secret desires to marry a woman that he only has spent 2 days with, and Sam has sex dreams about the woman that shot him, hinting at a sado-masohcism kink. - - *55. "Mystery Spot" - - Remember that old phrase that nobody likes mondays? Well Sam really hates Tuesdays. And he cries his way through sex, a la Meredith Grey. - - *56. "Jus In Bello" - - A bunch of demons attack a police station, but Sam plays his "American Idol" audition tape over the loudspeaker, which causes them so much pain that they shrivel up and die. - - *57. "Ghostfacers" - - It's my party and I'll die if I want to! Die if I want to! Diiiieee if I want to!" Ghosts have crappy parties. Also the only episode in the series where the Winchesters were not in every single frame. They also discovered the mystical protective powers of duffel bags. - - *58. "Long-Distance Call" - - Sam and Dean investigate a telephone who can apparently make contact from the spirit world. Hope that SHA33 doesn't have roaming charges, or that is going to be one hell of a long distance bill. - - *59. "Time Is On My Side" - - It's slice 'n' dice time! Some crazy doctor from 200 years ago likes to slice people up for their organs. Bela reveals that she sold the Colt on E-Bay and so Dean visits a hermit named Rufus. Rufus hacks her MySpace. Dean, instead of messaging her on MySpace, decides to stalk her. No one really cares however, as everyone is just excited about Bella being ripped apart by dogs and forced to spend an eternity in Hell for murdering two innocent inflatable sex dummies. No, she wasn't auditioning for America's Next Top Model. We all ask the question, why couldnt this have happened months ago? - - *60. "No rest for the Wicked" - - So Bobby finds some amazing instrument that can find Lilith, who is apparently biding her time doing random acts of unmotivated evil. where the hell was this fancy thing when they were looking for the YED??? - Dean gets ripped apart by some Hell hounds while Sam hides in a corner and yells like a little girl. Hell is apparently made up of crappy CGI chains, meat-hooks, and a whole lot of empty space. So where all the fire and flames at??? - - Negotiations are still in process to decide whether or not to bring Dean back from Hell... apparently Jensen has to pay to have the meat-hooks removed professionally as the studio refuses to cough up, claiming the scars will be merely superficial, the infection should clear up eventually, and that they will mail him his foot as soon as they get around to looking for it. - - ==Season 4== -


Castiel, a very helpful angel

- - *61. "Lazarus Rising" - - Dean returns from Hell, courtesy of an Angel who's all like "I gripped you tight and raised you from perdition". Dean is freaked out, and consoles himself by reading his Busty Asian Beauties magazine, which is an appropriate and acceptable first activity for someone who has just been rescued from Hell by an angel of the Lord. He also develops a Batman voice. It is still unclear why. It is revealed to the audience that Sam has not only turned into an emo power wielding badass but is killing demons with his mind and sleeping with Ruby who has taken on the body of a really bad actress. - - *62. "Are You There God? It's me, Dean Winchester" - - Dean has issues with the big guy upstairs. Meanwhile the boys and Bobby nearly get splattered by some people they forgot to save when they were too busy being emo about their own lives. - - *63. "In The Beginning" - - Sam is barely in this episode so Sam fans around the world unite and switch off for Dean fans still watching Dean realizes that the reason he's so hot is because his mom was a babe. He also realizes that he's going to hell for realizing this. We also see that a demon needs a car for some odd reason. - - *64. "Metamorphosis" - - Wincest fans everywhere go crazy at Sam and Dean's lovers tiff at the beginning of the episode. The rest of the episode is unimportant as we've seen it a thousand other times. According to Dean, and firefox's spellcheck, Rugaru sounds made up. Although it must be stated that the Ruguru wants to eat you and your little dog, too. - And our word of the day is "LONG PIG" kids. - - *65. "Monster Movie" - - A crazy gender-confused shapeshifter ruins Octoberfest, while Dean feels shiny and new like a virgin...touched for the very first time, like a vi-i-i-irgin when your heart beats, next to mine. - Thus we are introduced to the new and fab concept of re-hymenation. - - *66. "Yellow fever" - - THAT WAS SCARY! - - *67. "It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester" - - Dean is at a loss when he is not able to exact revenge on an egg wielding astronaut. Sammy mopes when he learns that angels are dicks. Once again everybody dies and the supernatural brothers save noone. - - *68. "Wishful Thinking" - - Joxer is apparently engaged to a hot babe and the Winchesters don't buy it. They begin ruining people's wishes and forcing a teddy bear to commit suicide. Somehow Sam and Dean convince everyone that they will be happier without wives and being bullied everyday, and it is wrong to want otherwise. - - *69. "I Know What You Did Last Summer" - - Sam tells Dean what he did while Dean was in hell, which is basically just using his Jedi Mind Tricks and banging Ruby. Why he had to give Dean gross and visual details about said banging, we will never know. - - *70. "Heaven and Hell" - - If you thought "Red Sky at Morning" sucked, you haven't seen anything yet. - Dean is once again groped by an angel, only a different one. He is also again raised... well, some part of him is raised. For more information, see the movie Titanic. - Meanwhile, the audience is treated to an "epic" battle between angels and demons, which basically consists of some standard glow effects and a couple slaps to the forhead. - - *71. "Family Remains" - - Lesson to be learned from this episode: Keep your closet closed! Also, Dean will kill you if you slash his tires. - - *72. "Criss Angel is a Douchebag" - - A guy pisses off an old magician and gets shishkabobbed. Also, the fangirls learn Dean's safeword. - - *73. "After School Special" - - A ghost doesn't like Sam...nothing new there. We also learn that a bunch of girls were jerks to Dean in high school...again, we learn nothing new... - - *74. "Sex and Violence" - - A male stripper molests the Winchesters. We discover that they really got their FBI cover down pretty damn good. Oh and Sam bangs a chick. No suprise. And Bobby saves the day. Good for him. - Again, nothing new learned, except that Bobby has some badass knife throwing skills. - - *75. "Death Takes A Holiday" - - Apparently, a bunch of people in a town can't die. One of Dean's ex-girlfriends shows up as a reaper. What was her name again? Anyway, then Alastair gets zapped by lightning, allowing Castiel to show up and be a total badass. Fangirls everywhere squee. Also, Kripke finally decides to give Pamela the gank...that psychic hating bastard... - - Oh, and Sam and Dean actually do something right without being asked! Extra cookies galore... - - *76. "On the Head of A Pin" - - Dean gets to torture Alastair but does such a bad job he ends up getting his and the supposed army of heaven's asses handed to them. Sam saves the day and kicks some Alistair ass with his powers. Castiel and Anna nearly get it on. Uriel goes nuts and Anna kicks his ass with his own sword. Sam has demon sex with Ruby in order to start killing demons with his powers. Oh, and Dean started the apocalypse...blah, blah, blah, blah...the emo tears are especially strong in this one. - - *77. "It's A Terrible Life" - - Sam and Dean get horrifically wasted to the point where they don't remember each other. Hilarity with the Ghostfacers and a ghost ensues, ending when a new angel violates Dean. - - *78. "The Monster at the End of This Book" - - Well, the monster is not Grover. Supernatural was actually written by a fanboy in disguise and dude, when Angels start touching people, get out of the way! Also, Sam and Dean's tattoo, not original. Most popular appearance: Fangirl Ass. - - *79. "Jump the Shark" - - The boys learn that Papa Winchester is a ho, a liar and actively hiding branches of the family tree. They bond with the baby brother they never knew they had and then bludgeon him to death as part of a hazing ritual, or to punish him for being John's favorite. It's hard to tell and no one is sure if Dean can tell the difference. - - *80. "The Rapture" - - Castiel leaves his host body and we get a story about the man he is possessing, a man named Jimmy who is kind of a douche. Jimmy asks himself "Why was I chosen?". Sam and Dean ask themselves "Where is Castiel?". Unfortunatly the only question on the audience's mind is "Who cares?" - - *81. "When the Leveee Breaks" - - Dean thinks Sam's addicted to demon blood. Sam says it's just Red Bull with kick. Bobby acts weird. Sam runs away. Dean chases but then decides that Sam should just go be evil by himself. Who is he to deter his brother from going darkside. To each their own. - - *82. "Lucifer Rising" - - Sam drinks sexy blood from his Ruby-demon then gets roid-rage and sets Lucifer free from Hell. What a dumbass. Just when it looks like all is lost, Dean shows up in the nick of time and kills Ruby. Cheers from viewers can be heard throughout the land. - - ==Season 5== - - Season 5 of Supernatural is rumored to be centered around Castiel and Anna's adventures throughout America. Sam and Dean will make the occasional appearance to do something fangirl sqee worthy (which by thier standards could be anything) and then leave.

- ==Spin Offs==


Alex Pettyfer as Dean Morgan Samms III or is this a rare photo of Dean himself. The truth is out there

Rumour has it that there is a spin off of Supernatural, entitled 'Superficial' which is about one, Dean Morgan Samms III, an ex-model who scouts the world in his vintage Mustang, hunting for Internet Phenomenon such as the Snapalope, the Phantom Corsair, the O RLY Owl, LOLCats and much, much more. Nobody knows where this beautiful man came from, theories include Time travel, others include Gene Splicing Experiments with Jensen Ackles and Cockzilla. Although this is still unconfirmed, Jensen Ackles has admitted that he once experimented with gene splicing, stating that he'll never look at the Metallicar the same way again. Jared remained commentless at the time. He later stated that a cat had his tongue and that Dean Samms did NOT exist, no way, no how. He continued by saying that Dean Sams did NOT live in London with a house full of cats and the members of MCR locked into a cage. He also proceeded in saying that he never goes to Dean Samms house for gently browned toast and tea because he does not exist and to do so would deem him insane, and that was something he did not want. Dean Samms later contacted CNN, stating that he do exist and he was voted man of the year 2 and a half times in a row. After the release of this 'secret' interview, much was learned about Dean Samms, including the fact that he once was a spokesperson for Abdullah the Butcher, Atomic Betty, Dolph Ziggler and Dasani Water. Dean Samms later went into hiding, requesting that he get his own arcticle on before he showed his beautiful face to the world again. He declared that he wanted his story to be heard, even if it WAS on a below-par site such as the above mentioned. Soon the world would bow to Dean Morgan Samms. Oh how is loved hearing his own name.

- There is also a spin-off called "Plastic!Winchesters" although, somehow Sam is the funny one and Dean has turned into a whiny little bitch. Even the "Jerk""Bitch" thing has been reversed. The show features evil!trolls, and some questionable high school musical cross-overs.

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