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An anonymous fattie showing the joy supply-side economics creates.

Supply-side economics is a economic theory invented by Supply-side Jesus.It is heavily supported by Dumbasses, The theory of supply-side economics states that the fatter and richer you are the more money you deserve and the more money the government is obligated to give your fat, lazy ass.

Historical origins[edit]

Supply-side economics was principally a response to perceived failings of Supply-side Jesus's all bon-bon diet. Finding that his fat ass would never get smaller, he decided to fuck up economics by making it so lazy, fat fucks like himself would never have to work again. He did this by stating the government should siphon funds from unworthy causes such as badass nuclear weapon programs and feeding nineteenth century British street urchins, and instead give it to already filthy, fucking rich fatties.

It is all a conspiracy brought on by a rich and fat family named the Burgerbuilders (aka the Buildebergers in German) and the McDonalds to force fast food on the public to make more people fat. In contrast, please see Demand-Side Theory created by Richard Simmons and Lord Manyard Keys that has people get rich by selling exercise videos and acting like homosexuals all for fun and profit.

Quotes on Supply-side economics[edit]

  • "Oh ho ho ho ho! I haaaaave sooooooo much money that I couldn't posssssssibly keep it alllll! Oh ho ho ho!" ~ A rich fattie
  • "Dude, I love chubby girls. What? Why are you looking at me that way?" ~ Some guy who likes fatties aka Bill Clinton
  • "I'ma, ah, gonna, er, ah, grab me, ah, some, er ah, fat chick's ass, eh, after I, er, drink, ah, some Whiskey." ~ Ted Kennedy
  • "My friends at Haliburton and myself are getting rich and fat off of the Iraqi war. Supply-side Economics works for us!" ~ Dick Cheney
  • "My fellow Americans, I could have fixed social security, or improved healthcare, or ended poverty, or fixed that big hole in New York, or rebuild New Orleans, but I instead decided to blow it all on the military and make my friend Dick rich and fat along with his company. I get kickbacks from this, so trickle down works, it really does, and it makes me rich and fat as well. I may not be able to manage crisies, and I barely am able to pronouce things correctly, but I am far richer than any of you will ever be thanks to Supply-side Economics! What are you going to do about it anyway? Impeach me? I control the Senate and Congress, and they all get rich and fat along with me." ~ George W. Bush
  • But elections have consequences but fortunately, though filled with piss and vinegar, the democrats are too fat from Bush's economics to mount a challenge.

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