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Surfing Pizzianity is a recently heard of Religion created to counter the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

The belief of the Surfing Pizza followers is that the universe was created to watch the Surfing Pizza and the Flying Spaghetti Monster wage the ultimate battle, and it is believed the world will end once the Surfing Pizza finally defeats the evil FSM, but with its final noodly act the evil Flying Spaghetti Monster shall destroy the Universe; the Great Pizza shall save as many as he can and take them to the great Beach Party in the sky.

Followers of the SP must always dress themselves in the clothing of a British Royal Navy sailor, and battle the Flying Spaghetti Monster wherever possible!

Other names for the Surfing Pizza

  • The Great Pizza
  • His Pepperoni and Cheesiness
  • The Cheesy One
  • His Pepperoni'ness


The universe was created to watch as the Surfing Pizza and Flying Spaghetti Monster do battle, the Great Peperoni and Cheesy One created the universe with a stick of solami, a banjo and duct tape (yes... duct tape is the greatest tool ever). Out of this act popped Steve and Jane, who eventually had children and then the Great Pizza filled the Earth with beings of a similar nature. Some believe the FSM created the universe with a mountain, some trees and a midget these are the Unbelievers that the Pizzians fight! They are evil Pizzians are not! We are His children, and He is our pizza!

Tenents of the Surfing Pizza[edit]

  • Fight the Flying Spaghetti Monster at any time possible
  • Never doubt his Pepperonni and Cheesiness
  • World Domin--- err... Saving the World from the FSM
  • 2+2 = Surfing Pizza
  • Always wear British Royal Navy uniform
  • Never doubt the Prophet Logan Tenhet!


The Universe shall be destroyed in the final battle between the Surfing Pizza and the Flying Spaghetti Monster; the last evil act of FSM shall be to use his noodly appendage to destroy the Universe. His Cheesiness shall save all those faithful to him and bring them to the great Beach Party in the sky, for all the free booze they can drink!


If you have been good and followed the Great Pizza unquestionably, you shall go to the Eternal Beach party in the sky; the ocean is made of booze, and the strippers are infinite! IF you have been a bad Pizzian then you shall go to the dark place known as High School!

Note: Flying Spaghetti Monsterism was created by Bobby Henderson in 2005, all credit for FSM goes to him (as you should know) Surfing Pizzianity was created by Logan Tenhet, out of sheer boredom.

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