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~ Captain Obvious on surprise endings

The following is considered advanced writing theory, and recommended for fledgling writers who can form coherent sentences. 1f j00 (@/\/ r34|) +h15, or you frequently use the word "LOL", please hit your browser's "Back" button. Use at your own risk.

Usually an attempt to lull the reader/viewer/audience member into a false sense of security before shattering their preconceived notions about how the story will progress, The director attempts to take everything you, the viewer, thought you knew about the universe of the film, and smashes it into tiny little pieces. This is the essential nature of a good ending, sometimes referred to as a Surprise Ending. This first known use of a surprise ending was in the famous Oscar Wilde play Benjamin Franklin Finds the Meaning of Life!.

Often, some plot that some complete moron gives away as a Spoiler. Or an ending that only the most stupid and retarded of idiots think is gonna surprise anybody. Like that episode of "The Twilight Zone" with the pig-face people. You call that a surprise? Who did Rod Serling think he was jerking off?

Types of Surprise Endings[edit]

There are countless ways in which audiences will be surprised. Included with the types, will be a few examples for aspiring writers who want to cause shock to their readers and viewers. A surprise ending must follow one of the following archetypes. So, in Wilde's play, the Meaning of Life is found to reside not in human action nor in the hands of a god, but in a small coconut on a beach in New Jersey.

A Killing[edit]

Traditionally, in a killing-type ending someone dies. Usually, the cause of death is a gunshot, although that has been known to vary. Sometimes, the "surprise" is in who died. On other occasions, the surprise is in who killed the person. Some directors have attempted to break away from tradition, and place this surprise ending at the very beginning of the movie.

  • ...and then they all died
  • Only one person dies
  • All but one person dies
  • Someone they trusted did it
  • Someone you didn't think could do it, did it
  • Someone you thought did do it, didn't
  • They've all been dead all along.


"When a character gets a vision of the future, who knows what will happen?" is the question a writer must ask himself as he works. They then set off a progression of events that no one can predict. Well, except for the person with the precognition; and maybe the writer, if he's good.

  • The main character, in trying to prevent the future, causes it to happen
  • The main character, in trying to prevent the future, turns evil
  • The main character, in trying to prevent the future dies
  • The main character, in trying to prevent the future, prevents the future
Come to the Dark Side, Luke. Daddy will buy you a segway!
  • The main character, in trying to prevent the future, is overly repetitive
  • The main character, in trying to prevent the future, is overly repetitive
  • The main character, in trying to prevent the future, is overly repetitive
  • The main character's girlfriend turns out to be his sister
  • The universe explodes

Star Wars References[edit]

Referencing Star Wars is so rare an occurrence, that no one expects it to happen. Use these few simple ideas from the film that will be as surprising as anything else in the story. As Star Wars is such an esoteric film, almost no one will recognize it.

  • Vader is Luke and Leia's Father
  • Luke incestuously kissed his sister
  • "That's no moon!"
  • The Ewoks side with the Rebels.
  • Traps are easily recognized by bipedal amphibians.
  • Scum and Villainy hang out in bars, or "hives".
Many authors will attempt to reference history. This is generally
not recommended, as nobody remembers what happened anyways. And even if they did, nobody would care.

Chronological Confusion[edit]

Directors will often confuse audiences by taking their film, and turning into a dadaist piece, by cutting the film in parts, and throwing the strips into the air. Wherever they eventually land is the order in which the film is presented. These are some of the more common random placements of the plot line.

  • The beginning of the movie was really the end
  • The end of the movie was really the beginning
  • The middle of the movie was really both ends of it
  • The movie didn't actually happen
  • The movie was a waste of your time
  • Samuel L. Jackson gives a lecture in which he quotes scripture and repeatedly says, "motherfucker," teaching a would-be restaurant bandit a valuable lesson about life.

Mysteries Solved[edit]

When a mystery is introduced at the beginning of the film (see above), it is usually not concluded by the end. Some authors have been attempting to reverse this trend, in the name of art, by actually providing resolution. This is a strategy that is recommended only for the most advanced writer, and those without a contract are better off leaving as many plot holes as one can.

  • No one actually did it
  • Someone else beat them to it
  • Two seemingly different people turn out to be the same guy

Famous Examples[edit]

The following examples have been used in classic stories and films. As a result, it is in the best interest of all future writers to consider recycling these ad nauseum, as their uniqueness will only enhance the job that the author should have been doing until this point. That is that referencing these will only increase one's standing as a writer.

  • The credits roll
  • They splice Brad Pitt's Penis into the credits
  • Bruce Willis has actually been dead for most of the film
  • The Village is an isolated experiment in the heart of a modern-day forest
  • Mr. Glass set up the train wreck
  • Squidward gets turned into an ice cream cone
  • Carly and Sam eat newts
  • The Aliens are allergic to water
  • Kevin Spacey is Kyser Soze
  • The Narrator is Tyler Durden
  • Xavier isn't actually dead, because of Ethics
  • Captain Barbossa isn't really dead, either. He's starring in Cliff hanger.
  • The Princess is in another castle.
  • The Evil Queen is Virginia's mother.
  • An iceberg hits the Titanic
  • Jesus dies
  • Batman dies
  • Robin goes insane and kills himself,too.

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