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Survivor is a synical term refers filthy humanity who survived many environmental policies and ecoactivities executed by nature - including tsunami, earthquake, hurricane, volcano, thunderstorm, snowstorm, sandstorm, falling meteorites, fire, forest fire, flood, plasma, influenza, HIV & AIDs, war, nature nuclear explotion, and reality shows set on an island. It is one of the main factor of environmental destruction that causes harm or discomfort to living organisms, or damages the natural environment.

Today, United States Census Bureau reported that there are 6.775 billion survivors on the Earth, living with considerably high energy expenditure and emitting massive amount of CO2.

Humanity on the Earth[edit]

Unlike the other creatures, humanity seeks to achieve their status by pursuing pleasure. Yes, they are epicurean, and even after they satisfy temporary pleasure for a while, they wouldn't stop seeking for next pleasure. This vicious circle has caused terrible amount of expense on the other organisms or mineral resources and of course the boss of this universe - nature - didn't feel happy to see them.

After the vicious humanity started notorious activity known as agriculture to multiply it's number, nature eventually begun to attempt tormenting them, by laying waste to farmland, ravaging their provisions and spreading plague by mosquitoes. However, this measure ended up in failure, because in the both sides there are very big difference: humanity have brain (yay), and nature have not. Also, although there are many objections, humanity is said to have god, who named "Jesus Christ", and help people with whatever necessary. Anyways, so these farmers who survived nature strike, is widely regarded as the first survivor of humanity on the Earth. Clap clap clap.

But needless to say that humanity is a creation of this nature, and victory of humanity is impossible to concern. Nature suddenly strick back without laying any intervals, on the 19 Century, when humanity specially called white people or rednecks had succeed to create the mass destructive weapon called steam engine. Nature sent a confidential envoy called "uranium" into the presidency of human, to cause split in humanity. The uranium had an unexplained effect on the humanity, driving them split into two sides commie and Uncle sam, raging blood thirsty war for right to use nuclear weapon and raising several civil war across the globe, twice. During this confusion, there was an advent of traitor "Adolf Hitler", who made a secret agreement with nature to take him heaven after his death, helped massive reduction of humanity by holocaust. Moreover, nuclear weapon was a great invention for the ecology. Death caused by nuclear weapon is reported more than 200 million, from Japan to Atlantis, resulted it's complete collapse and sinked under the sea.

However, ironically, United States Census Bureau reported that there are 6.775 billion survivors still living on the Earth. Sadly they gain more and more technological advance to survive, and now most of them are living elegant life with each one house in each family.

2012 the final assault[edit]

In 1834, humanity found a hidden Aztec file - Aztec people are known for its friendship with nature (for example they glorify sun as their god) - that has written by Engrish type grammar and filthy words, "you mothelfuckaz, we own dis ealth. fUCK YOU, stop pissin off mah arse or I gon send some supercalifjalistic storm troopers on your house. iTS in PM 20:12! suck mah dick".

Humanity on that age was too stupid and didn't know the meaning of certain words, such as "mothefucker" "storm trooper" or even "suck mah dick". So they took the sentence as this: "Greetings mothers and fathers, we own these wealth and fuck you, you cant stop us. I gon send some of our lightning storm troopers to burn your little house in 2012. See you later."
So they started to spread rumors that in 2012 something cool will happen, just like super lightning volt can exterminate all of humanity, or even UFOs with lightning volt weapon will arrive like comets and start the genocide.

Although in the reality theres nothing much special will happen. So to speak, something more advanced are already eroding this earth somewhere.

Jesus Will Survive?[edit]

Promotion video made by nature. Theme is murdering "da god" of humanity, named "Jesus Christ".