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Shit Under Supply of Uranium Ingots or SUSHI is an acronym which does not make sense, it is also an obsolete protocol originally used in Soviet nuclear power plants in the 1960s. The details of the protocol describe what to do as a last resort in the case of core meltdown. The protocol was designed in 1961, but was decommissioned after its first and only use shortly before the Chernobyl incident.


Here is a translation of the details of SUSHI

Section 1: Use governing[edit]

Using this protocol only as a last resort in the disintegration of the major nuclear power plant.

The protocol aims to limit losses that may be caused by nuclear precipitation.

Do not use this time to another victim may suffer during staff.

Politburo and Gosplan, and the protocol designers refuse responsibility for everything that happens, or if you are not using the protocol correctly.

Section 2: Early detection collapse[edit]

The signals will disable as energy readings on the set before you exceed safety levels. Easy to see the collapse occurs. In addition, the interface to the extreme heat, blast cooling chambers and photon cascade.

Section 3: Reaction[edit]

  1. Yourself placed in a special costume radiation access flap
  2. Half drain reactor
  3. Lift the protection and control rods from various uranium
  4. Swimming in the reactor
  5. Share flap
  6. Dermo on the uranium rods
  7. Repeat with more staff
  8. Work more with water reactor
  9. All over shit uranium
  10. Make meat shield around the uranium rods with staff

Section Final: Survive lucky read this now[edit]

You have survived, if you read this, now clean from all over excrete fuel, or die from clogged filter big time.