Suspense Movie

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  • Get an interpreter. Or you're fired, beeyoch!
Writer Karl Marx
Producer Gordon Brown
Directors Gordon Brown, Chuck Norris, Karl Marx
Runtime Twenty (20) minutes
Language English, Stupid Sumbitch!
Distributed by PBS
IMDb rating

Suspense Movie is a failed-to-attempt-to-be-a-spoof-comedy-film film with the direction of the crew from Scary Movie. And it's distributed by Paramount Pictures. It was directed by Karl Marx so naturally the movie was one big, red, propaganda peice, and was well recieved by those that had no idea what communism was. Let's get started.


It opens up with a lame Breach parody. As somebody walks down and his name is Interpreter Poopingston (Tom Cruise). And he has a crush on a jewish person. Then, was assassin by Sex Nigger (Hayley Smith) and the Godmother (Meg Griffin). They've apologized for doing that, but they wanted help. So they went to Stupid Hall and acted stupid there. No one even gives a shit about this scene.

Then, a person named Hancocksucker (Knuckles) had saved the day. Meanwhile, Lindsay Lohan (Sharon Stone) and Sharon Stone (Lindsay Lohan) both go into this Interpreter parody, with AIDs.

They all team up to be captured by these people: Jesus Christ (Amy Winehouse), BALLS! (Nostalgia Critic), Killer the Miller (Dr. Robotnik), Penisman (Venom), Sarah Silverman (Shaq), F (Emeril Lagasse) and Chuck Norris (Chuck Norris). As Interpreter overcomes them all up with some shit.

Then, it parodies Dick Tracy and some other shit. The end of the movie.


Luigi's reaction to this movie.

It is considered the worst movie ever, but was better than Shark Movie or Date Movie. On Rotten Tomatoes, it gave it a -1% fresh. And everybody hates it. Really!

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  • The director yelled at everybody in the shark scene.
  • That's all.

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